Women Psychology: Four Reasons Women Love Scruff

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Male facial hair has long been considered to be a hallmark of masculinity and virility. Therefore, it seems to make sense that women would be more attracted to men with thick, bushy beards. For many years, this was the general belief. However, scientists have recently made a startling discovery: women actually don’t prefer men with heavy beards. Instead, their findings showed that the ladies were more fond of men with heavy stubble, which equates to about ten days of facial hair growth. This new information has a lot of people baffled, but it could make sense on an evolutionary scale. Here are four reasons why women like scruff.


The ability to grow a substantial patch of facial hair can signal good genetics, which improves the odds of a man producing strong, healthy offspring. Sometimes, but not always, it can also be a sign that a man has high levels of testosterone. Testosterone levels are closely tied to other areas of health including immune function, energy levels, physical strength and endurance. Because of these things, physical ability is also enhanced, making such men better better providers.


Facial hair, indeed body hair in general, can be a signal of a man’s virility. A virile man is more fertile, and therefore better able to provide offspring. In addition, thick stubble makes a man look more aggressive, and it’s been said that this can even make the teeth look more threatening. When these factors combine, it may mean that a man would be more capable of protecting his mate and children, a valuable and sought-after asset in the times before modern law and societal structure according to a barber shop Portland.


Facial hair is a hallmark of sexual maturity in a male, whereas a clean-shaven man may look less mature and more boyish. Generally, fully mature men have more facial hair and are more likely to have denser stubble. This can also serve as a sign that a man would make a good sex partner, something that everyone enjoys, and his erections may also be of better quality. Furthermore, the interplay between facial hair and testosterone also indicates that these men could possess more stamina during sex, making the experience better for everyone involved.


A heavy layer of stubble enhances the jaw more than a beard, and jaw size is also considered to be a trait of masculinity. Many women say that they find stubble appealing because it makes a man look rugged and wild, and perhaps more likely to be passionate and pleasantly dominant. As a result, women are more likely to seek out potential mates with this feature. For men looking to improve their odds when playing the field, however, it’s not necessary to go through a lot of trouble.

Although women have varying tastes, this recent study reveals that, in general, scruff is greatly preferred. The fact that it’s an easy trait to accomplish means that men can make dating life easier, and even enhance their current relationships just by growing some stubble.

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