The Importance of Commercial Fire Pumps in Facilities

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Business owners in the process of building a new facility or updating their current buildings would do very well to start looking into important safety components such as fire pumps in order to power their emergency sprinkler system. One of the most important aspects of any public building is fire safety. In fact, there are several government regulations in place requiring that public facilities meet certain standards in terms of safety and fire preparedness.


First, it may be helpful for you to understand exactly what a fire pump is. A fire pump is a component within a fire sprinkler system and is responsible for feeding potentially large amounts of pressurized water through that sprinkler system in the event of a fire emergency. Due to the size of many public and commercial buildings, specialized fire pumps are often required in order to provide the necessary amount of water throughout the fire system.


A fire pump can be powered in a variety of ways including electricity, diesel fuel, and steam power. The fire pump is usually connected either to the public water line or a storage tank with a large enough capacity to supply the appropriate amount of water to the system in the event that it is needed.


Now that you understand a little bit about what a fire pump does, it is important to gain an understanding as to why they are so important in the construction of a commercial building. The easy answer is to contribute to public safety. In the event of a fire emergency, it is vital to have an effective fire suppression system in place that can help to either put the fire out quickly or contain the flames long enough for the building’s occupants to evacuate to safety.


The key component in a good fire system is ensuring that you have sufficient fire pumps incorporated into the system and that they are able to meet the water capacity required for your specific building. It is extremely important to incorporate pumps that not only meet your building and fire suppression system’s capacity requirements, but also that meet up with government requirements.


The best way to go about this is to purchase your pumps from a company such as Aline Fire Pumps, which specializes in building commercial grade pumps that are designed to meet your specific needs as well as meeting up with Australian government standards. Failure to adhere to these important government regulations can result in serious fire safety hazards, not to mention stiff financial penalties should your system fail to pass an inspection.


Due to the unique nature and location of your facility, it is also very important to consider the power source that will be incorporated into your fire pumps. This may seem like a trivial decision, but if you are in an area that experiences frequent or even occasional power outages for example, a diesel or steam powered pump may be a better option for you than electric. Consider what may offer the easiest installation without sacrificing the overall safety and effectiveness of your system when making this decision.


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