Subway Surfers – Add an extra layer of social competition


Subway Surfers, the endless running game featuring youthful hooligans cum graffiti artists, is now becoming more and more popular all across the globe. This game is really very exciting and inventive and it will surely make you come back for more and more and more. Subway Surfers is co-developed by Kiloo and if you love playing running games, then this app will help you in bringing out the competitive monster inside of you. When it comes to comparing Subway Surfers with temple Run, then I would like to tell you that yes, subway Surfers look a lot and play like Temple run. However, Subway Surfers is comprised with many additional and exhilarating features. You can allow your character to surf on hoverboards, fly up in the air with jetpack and collect coins and dodge over trains and tracks. Subway Surfers is a complete mash-up of jetpacks, joyrides and Temple Run.

Subway Surfers is quite unique because apart from the social competition, you can entertain yourself also during your free hours. You can connect your social networking accounts such as facebook with this app and brag your friends about your high scores and gifts. I have also installed this game on my smartphone and believe me, I was simply drawn to boast and compete with my friends within a couple of hours of playing this exciting running game. Kiloo has also tried to keep this gameplay fresh as well as randomized. You can unlock new graffiti characters and game boosters by completing your daily challenges or picking up mystery boxes.

Quick guidelines

You generally play as a graffiti artist Jake who is inspected by an inspector and his dog and he runs to save himself. Jake vandalizes a metro railway site with his graffiti art and then, he is chased by a policeman and his dog. All that you need to do is to make the best use of your controls for helping Jake in collecting more and more coins and tokens and making a daring escape from the inspector. You will have to cross various obstacles like moving trains, blockades and train cars. To add up to your pace, Subway Surfers offer you with magnets, jet packs, hoverboards, power-ups, mega-headstarts and super sneakers. You can make the right use of these elements for aiding up your escape from the inspector. If you want, you can go to your shop store and upgrade all these elements by spending coins in return.

Completing your missions and daily challenges in Subway Surfers is very important. You will have to complete your missions in order to earn rewards. Apart from completing missions, you will be required to complete daily changes and after completing every daily challenge, you will be gifted with a mystery box. Social competition is ok but completing missions is one of the major reasons that a lot of people prefer playing Subway Surfers rather than Temple Run. Subway Surfers can develop an addictive endless running nature inside of you and draw you to socially compete with your friends.


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