Are You Slowly Killing Yourself?

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Everyone wants to live a healthy life and live their life to the fullest. But the way people live now is far different from the way people have lived before. Sometimes you do things you don’t know have a great impact in your health and sadly, you don’t know that they’re taking away minutes and days away from your life every single day.

So ask yourself: am I slowly killing my body?

If your answer is yes, reading what follows should answer the question how? If your answer is no, then after reading this you’d want to answer a definite yes and change for the better.

What’s killing you slowly #1: Your BAD POSTURE

Why, you’re used to leaning or hunching forward all the time. What you don’t know is that bad posture can actually affect your lung capacity by at least 30%. It can even worsen your heart condition too. So if you’re not breathing easy and it’s a real pain for you, you might want to change posture and get a straight back working on it.

What’s killing you slowly #2: You’re SITTING DOWN ALL DAY LONG

Alright, you’re job requires you to face the computer like 8 hours a day with breaks in between like coffee break and the need to pee. But if you’re a woman and you sit as much as 6 hours a day in a chair in one position without even wriggling a toe, research shows that you have a 40% likelihood of dying within 15 years (start counting now). You can sit down all day long BUT remember to stretch out those hands, change positions or just do something. Don’t just stay there or else, you’ll end up dead.

What’s killing you slowly #3: You’re EATING TOO QUICK

You think an hour of lunch break is not enough? Don’t be too haste to get back to work that once you put that food in your mouth, the next thing you’ll do is swallow it. Without even chewing. Eating too quickly can cause you to suffer from excessive gas (it’s very hard to control ad it pains your stomach if you can’t get it all out), acid reflux and bloating. Your brain need at least 20 minutes to know when it’s full so take time to chew, savor the flavor and wait for your brain signals to tell your hands off on spoon or you’ll be upping your chances of being overweight by 84% if you are man and twice likely if you are a woman.

What’s killing you slowly #4: You’re NOT SLEEPING RIGHT

If you can’t shut your eye for at least 6 hours at night, how much more can you get the recommended 8 hours? Do you know that not getting enough sleep increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, stress, depression and dementia? You don’t want to live a life like you’re out of this world just because you’re suffering from disorientation and you’re suddenly Demented Joe or Jane right? So get a bed, make it comfortable, keep it cool, close your eyes and sleep tight. Oh I forgot, sleep right!

What’s killing you slowly #5: You’re WORKING TOO MUCH

If you think you’re Superman or Wonderwoman, I’d say you take a break from all those office and work stuff that you have to deal with. British civil servants who took more than ten hours of their time for work a day were studied and were found out that is 60% likely to develop cardiovascular disease or have a heart attack compare to people who work just seven hours of the day. Remember and always remember, your money would be of no use if you’re lying in bed because of heart attack. So stop being the workaholic that you are and give yourself a break.

What’s killing you slowly #6: You’re WATCHING HOURS of TV

Well just to tell you sweetly, research found out that an hour of TV shortens your life span by 22 minutes. Let’s repeat it. Every hour of TV equals 22 minutes off your life span. If you started watching TV at a very early age, I wonder how many years you have already wasted away just watching. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

What’s killing you slowly #7: You’re EATING MORE RED than GREENS

That only means to say you’re not best friends with fruits and vegetables. A bad habit I’d say. Red meat and unprocessed ones at that, increases the risk of death every year by at least 13%. Too small a number? Yeah. It’s like saying cancer affects 4% of the world’s population and that’s small. Because 4% of 6 billion is 240 million people. Small huh? Well, it’s easier because it’s food. Just don’t forget to cook your red meat well. Invest on hearty eating fruits and vegetables and you don’t have to worry about proper nutrition.

What’s killing you slowly #8: You’re TOO STRESSED

Anxious. Depressed. Tensed. Whatever you call it, it all goes down to one thing: stress. Life can really be stressing. But how you act upon it matters most. All the first seven things that are killing you slowly can actually be because you’re driven by stress deep within your system. Change it. Meditate. Practice breathing techniques. Avoid what’s stressing you. Deal with it. The very moment that you decide to take stress away from your life, then that’s the very time that you will be able to live longer, happier and healthier.

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