Shape Your Life From Teachings’ Dr. Joe Vitale and the Law of Attraction

Turning Heads – Utilising Psychology

You might have heard and seen Dr. Joe Vitale inThe Secret of Rhonda Byrne that was even featured in the Oprah show. He is a renowned author and recognized as the “godfather of hypnotic marketing”. He is a metaphysician whose books about the law of attraction has been certified best sellers. His beliefs and teachings are considered effective because all these were inspired by his experiences. He does know what he is talking about.

His success story is worth sharing. He was not this wealthy in his early days. In fact, about 30 years ago, Dr. Vitale was broke and homeless. When he was almost ready to give up, unexplained coincidences made him turn around, and the rest, they say, is history.

You’ve heard it around, but do you really know how the law of attraction works? How does it help you become a success? What does Dr. Joe Vitale say about this dynamic and very powerful philosophical system?

Proponents of this system firmly believe that you can get what you think about your thoughts can actually shape your reality. For example, you will attract money if you think about it incessantly. This system teaches techniques on how you can attract whatever it is that you want to happen in your life by altering your thoughts and how you react to the things around you.

Using the techniques that Dr. Joe Vitale teaches, you can get whatever you put your mind into. The good doctor has been very successful in hypnotic writing.

What people should understand is that the law of attraction is a law. You cannot shun it away when you want to that’s just how it is. Much like the law of gravity, it exists; it is never turned off. The principle that you there is a neutral force that is so powerful it can create a whole new reality for you, if you put your mind and heart into it.

Simply put, if you constantly think about failures and disappointments, these things will be manifested and you’ll end up a failure and a disappointment. In contrast, if your thoughts are filled with positivity, the things you can attract are limitless. Humans are given the freedom to think and working this to your advantage is what positive thinking is all about.

You system teaches you that you cannot attract riches if you constantly think that you don’t have money. Your mind is a powerful tool that will help you realize your goals.

The subconscious mind will respond to whatever you think about. Making the universal law to work to your advantage will depend on how you are able to awaken your inner mind. Everything starts with a thought a bright idea, a great discovery, even a scheming plan or a negative reaction. Your thoughts are very powerful. When you are able to control what you think about, you are most likely to control what happens in your life.

When you constantly focus on what will go wrong instead of what might go right, you are attracting the energy of failure. When faced with a very difficult task, you have to focus on a successful end result. Your negative thoughts will only limit your chances of actually succeeding in what you want to do and what you want to achieve.

This system tells you that you create your own “bad luck” because this might be what you have in your subconscious. When you are able to use the law of attraction in its proper perspective, your opportunities and your success will be limitless. Dr. Joe Vitale helps shape you into a successful individual who is willing to work on what you believe you deserve.

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