Reduce Anxiety by Dissolving Boredom

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When our minds are under stimulated we experience the feeling that is commonly called as boredom. Our minds need the stimulus that comes from our environment to keep our minds interested and worth to apply some alertness and focus. Have you experienced waiting in line in a grocery store? Surely you have and chances are you are one of the few that complained that the store should have been operating more check-out counters. The boredom that you experience causes anxiety because the mind has no elbow room to focus on other thoughts because the world is slowly moving. So how do you escape from boredom? Luckily there are great ways to do that and here are some that you can use.

Give your mind something to do

There are lots of techniques that you can use to pass the time. People that are under-stimulated often would resort to things that would make the world move faster and end their misery often causing them to feel anxiety symptoms. One great way is to meditate. Not only can it pass the time but it is also great in relieving the body of unwanted anxiety and stress. You can also use board games to stimulate brain activity. The key in dissolving boredom is to make the brain work otherwise it would be under-stimulated by the lack of mental movement caused by the slow-down in the world.

Create a to-do list

Lists are one of the most effective ways of organizing your life and use your mind when you are faced with a situation that is rather boring. Lists do not need much brainpower and you can easily do it to pass the time and at the same time avert any potential anxiety over missed opportunities at work because you forgot something. You need to prioritize your tasks according to importance and urgency because this is something that highly successful people do when they plan their future so they can earn their fortune.

Create a schedule

Now that you have your list it is time to fit it on your schedule. Time is gold as they say and once it is gone there is no chance to have it back. You can never manage time unlike what others might say. Since you can only work with just 24 hours you have to make the most of the time that you have on your hands. Creating a schedule will keep you on track on what you need to do in order to constantly stimulate the brain and to get you activated most of the time.

Bring your hobby

When you are stuck waiting for the dentist for your check-up there are times that you have to wait for your appointment time to arrive. Chances are you have to wait on the lounge. It is easy to under-stimulate your brain as you wait for your time with the dentist. In this case, it would help to bring your knitting supplies and resume where you left off. This would keep your mind off the boring situation and stimulate it by becoming productive. You can also try to do your homework while waiting or even catch up on some reading if you like. If the magazines at the waiting room do not catch your fancy then you can bring along the right reading material that you like or even surf the Internet if the dentist clinic has wi-fi.

Enjoy the moment

Have you ever feel annoyed and anxious over a delayed flight? Chances are you did and you felt really bored while waiting for the time you finally get into the plane and end the ordeal. Actually if you think about it, it is a time that you can use to do stuff that you haven’t done in a long while. Try visiting the airport’s bookstore and find some crossword puzzles. You can also try to do some reading.

Boredom can cause anxiety but it can easily be beaten. You just know how to maximize the opportunity that is given to you when you’re idle. Make your idle work for you and not against you.

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