Why Public Cloud Hosting?


For many companies, IT is becoming an indispensable part of their business operations. As cloud hosting, mobile technologies and super-fast networks increasingly distort the boundaries of professional and social life, we need a strong IT infrastructure. It is here and at scale that public cloud hosting offers tremendous benefits to help turn your business from a standalone entity into an online powerhouse.

To achieve this, companies are looking to third party providers who can manage bespoke/complex web portals, connecting users across vast networks, with fast, reliable, on-demand hosting services.

Today, many forward thinking leaders in IT and in business are turning to public cloud hosting because it helps them build a strong web presence that their staff and customers can access via a resilient network. Converging business workflow and strategy across such networks enables staff, partners and customers to make more informed decisions and engage within the business matrix with far greater levels of confidence.

Here we look at the main reasons why third party hosting of a public cloud network helps companies win the battle for IT supremacy, eradicating downtime and ultimately embracing users in the vast numbers that potentially will frequent your network. Those businesses that fail to do so will quickly lose business visibility and appeal. For many the trade-off is customisation versus cost versus scalability. Yet this three pillar approach to IT strategy can be built in unison, within a public cloud hosted environment and deliver significant organisational benefits:

1) Optimum equipment utilisation at all times. Managed hosting providers maintain the most up-to-date hardware, software and service to manage IT infrastructure. Eliminating the need for you to purchase equipment, maintain and upgrade it, foot the bill for power, cooling and rack space. Such cost reductions save hundreds of thousands of pounds per year whilst maintaining the best technology stack at your disposal.
2) Endless scalability. As staff and visitor traffic fluctuates across your network, handling data flow to service growing numbers of users takes expert service management. Dedicated support can load balance resources, deal with traffic spikes and monitor/manage bandwidth for the optimum running of your network. This maintains the integrity of services for all connected stakeholders and systems.
3) Fault tolerance and security. As standards change, Internet hosting protocol and data governance measures across your cloud infrastructure need reputable third-party management. Compliant hosting ensures the utmost security of sensitive data, fraud detection, backup and restore procedures to maintain availability of services 24/7.
4) Dedicated management and support. Deploying the services of a managed public cloud hosting infrastructure ensures technical and administrative IT responsibilities are in the dedicated hands. From monitoring servers to repairing hardware failures… from troubleshooting network issues to backing up and restoring systems on-demand. This takes all of the stress and strain out of internal resources who may not be best equipped to maintain the optimum performance of your cloud network and IT infrastructure stack.

Public cloud hosting provides the most scalable and cost-effective way to run your business through powerful IT functions. For these reasons, innovative and visionary companies today are opting for a new form of network infrastructure that provides optimum ROI and complete control of capital assets. Cheap and infinitely scalable, elevating your corporate IT structure within a hosted public cloud ensures an ever optimised, fast and reliable network of operations.


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