Your Psychology: Five Ideas for Better Managing Your ADHD

your psychology

your psychologyADHD is one of the least sunderstood illnesses millions of adults struggle to manage. The condition doesn’t necessarily mean that one is unable to accomplish great things; it just means that one will have to adapt. If you are struggling with ADHD, you know all too well how frustrating the condition can be. Here are five ideas for better managing your ADHD.

Create a routine or schedule.

Putting a schedule together will help you remain focused. While it may be an adjustment when implemented in the beginning stages, it will get much easier over time. You will adapt to the new routine in no time. As you develop your schedule, be sure to schedule in sufficient downtime to avoid crashing and burnout.

Make sure that you are getting enough sleep.

Sometimes not being able to sleep well can make it harder to manage ADHD symptoms. This is especially important if the person is on any form of medication. This is how physicians are able to gauge whether or not the medication is working properly.

Set attainable goals.

While it may be easier for those not suffering with the condition to achieve a lot of things in a given day, a person with ADHD should consider revisiting their goals. Trimming down the list of tasks and allocating a specific amount of time to completing the tasks will make you more effective. Additionally, you may find it helpful to schedule “rewards” or “privileges” to keep you motivated.

Post reminders.

Some people benefit from having visual cues to remain on track. Prioritize everything you want to accomplish and create visual reminders throughout your environment to keep you aware. Whenever an impulse to deviate from the plan occurs, a person can be inspired to regain focus and remain on task.

Incorporate herbs into your diet.

Low levels of zinc in the system have been shown to lead to impulsivity and hyperactivity in those with ADHD and supplements can boost those levels.Lavender has already been proven to relieve tension. Kava-kava is another herb that works for ADHD patients by reducing anxiety. Licorice is recommended for hyperactive individuals and can help regulate moods. Fish oil can be taken to help improve organizational skills. If you are interested in herbal help, do some research to find the best natural remedies for you.

Many people go on to be successful in spite of having ADHD. Once you have accepted the condition, you are in a great place to empower yourself to become better. As you learn to manage your condition, you will become more productive. You may even become inspired to help others.


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