The Power of Words: How Your Words Impact Those Around You

the power of words

the power of wordsMany people believe that the things they say do not have an impact on others. That is why they are so loose with their words and criticism. However, it is impossible to comprehend just how negatively a few choice words can be perceived by someone else. That is why it is always a good idea to be caring and considerate both with actions and words, especially towards the people that you care about.

Listen Instead of Constantly Giving Your Opinion

We all enjoy to talk and to have other people listen to us. If you are the type of person that likes to be the center of attention, it is likely that you will spend most of the time being the one who talks. In this case, those close to you will begin to feel as though their opinions do not matter to you. During a debate, discussion, or a general conversation about any topic, it is important to let the other person’s voice be heard. Even if you believe that you have a better understanding of the subject at hand, there is nothing wrong with allowing someone else to feel important.

Do Not Divulge Your Friends’ Secrets

Gossip is something that we are all prone to on occasion. Whether it is about the annoying next-door neighbor, or someone that you used to be friends with, some take pleasure in discussing the misfortunes of others. However, it is NEVER a good idea to gossip about your friends and family. Even if you believe that the topic being discussed is harmless, it is not up to you to speak for another person, especially when they are not there. If they have told you something, it is likely to have been in confidence. What is meaningless to you could bear great importance to another person. Instead of gossiping about others, focus on the good things in your life and look to make strides in both your professional and personal worlds.

Be Kind to Others

There are times when you will meet people who you believe are beneath you. These people may have physical flaws, or they may be struggling in their professional lives. While it is okay to form such opinions in your head, it is not a good idea to express them with words. Do not put down a person, no matter how well you think you know them. Make sure you’re kind to people who may be overweight, or may be struggling with other personal demons.

It is amazing the power words can have both on your brain and on the brain of your friends. Take care to use your words in a good way, so as not to bring down those around you.

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