How Online Gaming Can Improve Your Intuitive Ability


Do you know that online gaming can help you to think more quickly? Actually, it’s not just online gaming, but gaming in general. However, online gaming will give you better effect in increasing your intuitive ability simply because you’re playing your game with others all around the world. When you play an MMO game, you’ll be competing with other players online, and sometimes, you’ll be required to cooperate with them in order to defeat some common enemies. This is where your intuitive skill is being trained. Here’s how online gaming can improve your intuitive ability:

1. Online Gaming Uses Your Mental Power A Lot

You need to keep your concentration on your game, otherwise you’ll lose. Thus, you’ll keep thinking during the game. You’ll need to make decisions, whether small or big, in order to progress through the game successfully. Most of the time, you’re using your intuition often when you do certain action within the game, such as planning the strategy to defeat your enemy, completing tasks or quests, or building the best defense for your base.

2. Predict Your Opponent’s Move

For instance, if you’re playing a one-on-one game such as chess with your friend, you need to be able to predict your opponent’s move accurately in order to defeat him. This type of game will test your analytical skill as well as use lots of your intuition to progress. This type of game will help you to develop your intuition in order to make the right decision in each of your move.

3. Meditation And Calmness

Online games such as Mahjong will help you to achieve the state of meditation and calmness, without your realization. Why? That’s because most Mahjong games will incorporate calming sound in order to create a sense of serenity when playing the game. The player will then be able to think clearly to complete each of the challenge in the game. How can it help you to develop your intuition? Meditation and calmness are known to be the best way to increase your intuitive ability. So, in other words, online games such as Mahjong can help you to develop your intuitive skill.

4. Puzzle And Strategy Games

Intuition can be developed by playing puzzle and strategy games often. That’s because those games will help you to think few steps ahead, and this is what exactly intuition is. Intuition is the ability to know (instinctively) what will happen ahead of the time, or at least it’s a feeling of knowingness about something that will happen in the future. When you play puzzle and strategy games, you’re often thinking few steps ahead to ensure the successful completion of the game. That’s why those games are good to train your intuitive ability.

5. Develop A Sense Of Alertness

When you play some online games, such as zombie or horror games, you’ll develop a sense of alertness that will help you to be aware of what will happen to you in the future. In these types of games, you’ll have to be alert since your enemies will appear out of nowhere and you need to kill them quickly. This sense of alertness will help you to develop your intuition over time.

That’s how online gaming can help you to develop your intuition. So, if you want to have a stronger intuitive ability, you should play lots of online games in your spare time.

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