How To Measure The User Experience


User experience is all about meeting the exact needs and demands of the customer, without any sort of fuss or bother. User experience is also all about simplicity as well as the elegance that helps in the production of those types of products which are a joy to own and also a joy to use. If we talk about the true user experience, it is much more than that of giving the customers what they say and what they want. If you are desirous of achieving a quality user experience in a company’s offerings, it should have a uniform merging of the services of multitudinous disciplines. Here are some of the end user experience monitoring tools for knowing about the customer experience measurement includes:

  1. Heuristics: This is considered to be a de facto web standard and research from the sciences that reveals many things with regards to the best of practices in page layout, and visual design. If there any usability problems are found they are linked to the point of view of the interface that are reasonably easy to demonstrate. An example is the use of colors, consistency of the terminology, layout and information structure and also the consistency of the interaction mechanism.
  2. Expert Review: This can be considered to be a survey of a website or application which has been undertaken by specialists in the user-centered designs. With the help of these expert reviews they will be able to take you to the next level of customer experience measurement. These experts are able to do this with a systematic rating of the performance of your product on several relevant factors. It is also possible to perform an expert review with a short turnaround and can be used to develop a measure of all your web assets so as to help you in identifying those areas which will require the most attention.
  3. Web Hits/Usage Analysis: With the help of this type of analysis end user experience monitoring tools such as Omniture, Google Analytics and also  the Web Trends make use of so as to study the hit pattern of your site or application. With these tools you are also able to get the feel of a typical navigational flow, get a sense the number of pages which your client has visited and also viewed and also the key drop-off locations. It will also be possible for you to track statistics in the form of bounce rates as well as the conversion metrics. If you combine them with data of the customer relationship management then these web usage analysis will become highly effective in mapping as well as in understanding user behavior.

You should therefore remember that web analytics and usage metrics rely on assumptions. These assumptions are based on the user behavior.

Hence as these end user experience monitoring tools have helped you in determining the success of your website so that it is able to meet your business goals.

User experience is able to incorporate all the aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and also its products.

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