Five Great Ways to Increase Your Self-Awareness

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Increased self-awareness leads to more self-confidence and better outcomes in your life. Once you know who you are and how to stay aware through the ups and downs of life, you can make choices that truly reflect you. Here are five ways to become more self-aware:

1. Breathing

We take breathing for granted, but so much anxiety and stress in life can be relieved if we can just watch our breathing. With focused breath work, you can calm the emotions that get in the way of self-awareness. First, breathe deeply a few times, and then notice the breath as it moves through your body from your nostrils through your lungs and deep into your diaphragm. As you release, let all anxiety and stress go out with the breath. With practice, breath work can become second nature and keep you closer to the state of self-awareness.

2. Keep a journal

A fun, easy way to cultivate self-awareness is through keeping a journal. Julia Cameron In the book “The Artist’s Way,” Julia Cameron suggests writing every morning before doing anything else. If morning pages don’t work for your schedule, you can journal at any time you’ll find it incredibly helpful in increasing self-awareness. Through keeping a journal, you’ll begin to see a pattern to your thoughts, and solutions that you were never aware of suddenly appear. To find a journal that you’ll enjoy using, view leather journals online.

3. Stop the chatter

If possible, try to find a day when you can cut through the noise of iPods, radios and televisions by turning all devices off. The quiet may seem overwhelming at first, but it will allow your mind to be still, and soon you’ll begin to hear your own thoughts. This is a great time to have a journal handy since your mind will want to replace the usual noise with ideas, solutions and goals.

4. Move your body in new ways

If you’ve always been a pilates fan, try one of the many forms of yoga to center and connect with yourself. If you’ve been doing yoga for years, consider adding Tai Chi, which can help to focus the mind while adding clarity.

5. Meditate

Now that study after study has shown the health benefits of meditation in stress reduction, less cardiovascular disease and lowered need for medication, even hospitals and doctors are recommending it. Meditation can be a way to access your innermost self and improve your overall health at the same time.

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