Customer Relationship Management Software Solutions: It’s Not Just For Sales Any More


The software CRM tools use today are useful for things other than just making sales.


Customer relationship management (CRM) has long been touted as a way to increase sales and drive revenues through stronger customer relationships.  While this continues to be the case, changes to CRM technology have made CRM a tool that is useful for a variety of business tasks outside of just sales.  Modern CRM software integrates all departments within a company, giving customers the very best customer experience, from the time that they make first contact with the company through to customer service calls.


Call Center Service


Because CRM is an integrated system, it shares the data that is collected about customers to anyone in the company who needs it.  In the case of call center, or customer service, employees, CRM gives them a better picture of the customer when the customer voices a concern.  Call center employees can immediately access the customer’s name, contact information, service call history and purchase history, so that the call center can see where the customer has had issues in the past and which products or services the customer is currently using.  With this information in hand, the call center employee is better able to find ways to address the needs of the customer, leaving the customer with a positive impression of the experience.


Employee Collaboration


Many companies work on large projects that require collaboration between several different employees.  CRM provides a solution, CRM project management, which enables employees to collaborate with each other and the customer in order to complete a project, even if the project has dozens of tasks that need to be accomplished.  The information employees need about the project is available in one place, at any time, and employees no longer have to worry about lost or inaccurate data or a lack of communication between members of the project team.  Managers can implement workflow guidelines to keep employees on track and provide checkpoints to monitor the progress of the project.  CRM project management solutions speed up the process of communication and make it easier to oversee large projects.




CRM software aids in company marketing in a number of ways.  First, CRM helps marketing departments assess the impact a campaign has on driving customer acquisition, so that marketing dollars can be spent in areas that will make the biggest impact.  As customer leads are generated, it is easy to track where the leads are coming from through the CRM interface.  Second, CRM software helps marketers identify and prioritize high value leads over marginal potential customers.  Just because a potential customer has contacted the company does not mean that person is a high value lead.  CRM software can help marketers find out more information about potential customers and determine which leads are more likely to lead to sales than others.  Finally, marketing departments can use CRM software to identify common traits among existing or potential customers and enable marketers to create targeted marketing opportunities that take advantage of these connections.


CRM has always been a terrific way for businesses to manage sales teams, but the newest CRM platforms like SugarCRM’s software provides tools that go far beyond just sales.  Companies can utilize a comprehensive CRM solution to address a variety of issues in the company and access the full functionality of the CRM software.

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