The Top 5 People Management Skills

Management Skills

Want to get ahead? Then whatever role you are in, you’re going to need to know how to manage people. Yes, even if they don’t work for you and it feels like you don’t have any authority over them. Managing people is about more than bossing around your direct reports! In today’s business environment, many employees have to get things done through a matrix organization and that means that you don’t have staff working directly for you but you still need to work with and alongside your colleagues to deliver business objectives. (more…)

Top 5 Reasons You should Consider SEO for Your Website

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Over the last couple of years, the digital landscape has undergone quite a change. But one thing that has remained constant is the effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization as a key marketing strategy. There are many reasons you should consider making your website SEO-friendly but here are the 5 best.

  1. 1.      You can enjoy an increase in traffic

A majority of the impressions and clicks are received by the top positions on the search engine result pages. So you can enjoy significant traffic increases for your website with rankings in these top positions. SEO’s main focus is creating informative keyword relevant meta descriptions and title tags, that show up in result pages. You can increase your click through rate and increase qualified web traffic by optimizing these tags and descriptions.

  1. 2.      High ROI is an eventuality

SEO friendly content attracts potential consumers to your website through high-ranking relevant keywords and phrases, thereby achieving your business goals. With effective SEO, you can ensure better ROI, lead generation and conversion that any other form of marketing. Quantifiable and trackable results are provided with SEO. SEO agencies can track almost all aspects of their strategy, like increases in traffic, rankings, and conversions.

  1. 3.      It is a cost-effective marketing strategy

SEO targets users who are actively searching for your products and services online, thereby making it one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies today. This inbound strategy allows businesses to save on cash as opposed to other outbound strategies like cold-calling which are more expensive in comparison. The leads generated by cold-calling cost 61% more than leads generated by an inbound strategy like SEO. Another reason that SEO is cost-effective is the fact that the traffic resulting from SEO tends to be more qualified than many other marketing strategy.

  1. 4.      It increases the usability of your site

SEO makes your website easier to navigate for search engines, and inadvertently, also increases the navigability for users too. The architecture of your website will be rearranged by SEO in an effort to make pages easier to find and navigate. This results in the pages being easier for search engines to crawl through to, as well as for users who are actively browsing through your website to find relevant information that they might need.

  1. 5.      It builds brand awareness

Significant impressions are known to result from top position rankings. When your website features in these top positions on the result pages, it means more exposure for your website. When you are on the first page for your targeted keywords, not only does it help users make an association with your brand and those keywords, but it also manages to instil trust and build relationships between your business and your user.

Any business on the first page of search results is automatically assumed to be more trustworthy in the minds of a consumer. With your content and pages ranking in high positions in search engines, you can increase the chances of your users seeing your content and making an association with your brand.


5 Tips For Making A Difference In Your Community

5 Tips For Making A Difference In Your Community

5 Tips For Making A Difference In Your CommunityAlthough you might dream of being able to make a real difference in your community, you might be overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. Luckily, it’s easy to make a difference in your neighborhood and in the lives of the people around you, particularly if you follow these five simple tips.

Work With Your Community
Chances are good that your community might already be focused on a few different projects, so meeting with a group like the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce can give you an opportunity to find out about these goals. Then, you can find out what you need to do to help.

You don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money in order to help the people around you. In fact, you can start with the things that you already have but don’t use. Clothes, shoes and accessories that are just taking up room in your closet can be the base of a great new wardrobe for someone in need, and you can donate furniture, household items and more to be sold for money for charity or to be given to someone who needs it. If you have extra food in your pantry, consider donating it to your local soup kitchen or giving it to a family that is running a bit short on groceries. You won’t have to spend any money, but you can make a major difference in the lives of those in your community.

Bring Recycling to Your Neighborhood
Although it has taken off in a lot of bigger areas, recycling isn’t a top priority for many smaller cities and towns. If your community doesn’t recycle or if participation doesn’t seem to be where it should be, fight to bring it to your area. You can make a difference in your community’s impact on the planet, and people in your neighborhood are sure to feel good about themselves once they start recycling.

Give the gift of Your Time
Taking the time to visit elderly people in nursing homes, help at the local animal shelter and cook or serve at your neighborhood’s soup kitchen or food pantry can really make a difference, and there are surely many places around that could use your assistance.

Be Nice
Being kind, helping others and bringing a smile to the faces of the people around you can make everyone in your community happier and can encourage others to be kind as well.

As you can see, you don’t have to do anything major to make a true difference. These five simple tips can help your community immensely and make you feel good about yourself and your contribution.

Five Phobias That You Never Knew You Had


phobiasDo you let the phone ring and ring, never wanting to pick it up? Do you go into a panic when you think about going to class? Everybody is scared of something, but sometimes it is more than a simple fear. If you find yourself terrified of doing or being near something, and that fear seems greater than what most people experience, you may be in the throes of a phobia. There are several phobias in existence that you may have never even heard of but that you may actually have.



Also known as telephonophobia and telephobia, this is a social phobia or social anxiety disorder which literally translates into having a fear of telephones. You may have this phobia if the sound of the phone ringing or the thought of having to make or receive a call gives you feelings of anxiety, dread, panic, or terror. Some sufferers may also experience shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, or a nervous stomach. Don’t you wish that your teenage daughter had this problem?



Otherwise known as insectophobia, this causes those affected by it to severely overreact to the mere glimpse of any insect. Sufferers may experience severe panic attacks when they find themselves in the presence of an insect. Some will actually flee their homes seeking a safe haven. While there is therapy available to help control this phobia, the first step is to rid your own home of insects so you can feel safe. If you happen to be in the Oregon area, Portland Pest Control will take care of the problem for you, while also laying down chemicals and traps that will keep the critters out of your home.



If you find yourself so terrified you are unable to move when you come face to face with something like a ventriloquist’s dummy or an animatronic, such as the singing robots at kid’s restaurants, you may very well suffer from this phobia. Though, this is considered an irrational fear due to the fact that none of these things can cause harm, it still probably won’t be a good idea to go and watch Chucky with your friends tonight.



If your child is experiencing intense anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts over going to school, they may be suffering from this phobia which causes a fear of going to school. This sort of phobia may be caused by a fear of failure, high levels of stress, or even things such as bullying. It is also possible that your child is simply suffering from separation anxiety. All of these things are extremely serious and will usually require professional therapy, as well as school counseling.



If you can’t seem to stop yourself from sweeping your floor or wiping counters, you may suffer from this phobia. In short, it is fear of dirt or filth. While we all wish that our roommates or family members had this problem, rupophobia can easily destroy somone’s life, both socially and physically, since they will have time for nothing else.


Regardless of what scares you, if you feel it has reached phobic proportions, don’t hesitate to see a therapist about your condition. Even something as simple as a fear of the telephone can have drastic consequences when it comes to your life and career.

4 Tricks to Overcoming Your Phobia of Mice

4 Tricks to Overcoming Your Phobia of Mice

4 Tricks to Overcoming Your Phobia of MiceIt’s not uncommon for people to be put off by mice. After all, they are destructive, filthy and they carry numerous harmful diseases and parasites that can be spread to human. They also leave their droppings and urine everywhere, which is as unsightly as it is unsanitary.

However, for some people, it can become an all-consuming fear known as musophobia. While there are no hard statistics showing how many people are affected by musophobia, it is considered to be significantly more common among women.

A dislike for mice can be healthy, but a full-on phobia is not. Fortunately, there are ways to treat this. Here are five tricks to overcoming your phobia of mice.


The most common and practical way to treat musophobia is with counseling. This may include anything ranging from hypnotherapy to talking with a psychologist. Counseling may help you discover what initially triggered your fear. For many people, it was a negative or traumatic event from their childhood involving the subject of the phobia. Identifying the cause of the fear is an important first step to helping you work through it.


In severe cases, people with musophobia can suffer real physical symptoms when they encounter a mouse. These may include shaking, sweating, anxiety, panic attacks, avoidance, heart palpitations, nausea, vomiting and even fainting. All of these things can have a dramatic negative impact on everyday life, so a doctor may recommend medication to control them.


Depending on how much you want to overcome your phobia, you might want to consider exposure therapy. This is most often done in a controlled situation under a psychologist’s supervision. The idea is to start small, perhaps with pictures and videos, then slowly work up to the point where you’re able to hold or touch a mouse without fear. This method is often highly successful, but in order for it to work, you have to want it to.


If you’ve struggled unsuccessfully with your phobia, don’t feel ashamed. Phobias are very complicated things, and no two people respond to treatment the same way. When this happens, you most likely just want the disturbing little vermin gone from your home.

Calling in a pest extermination service is the most effective and efficient option for this. Not only will it get rid of your problem but it also keeps you from having to deal with it personally. By calling Gemtek in Boise, residents can have a professional deal with their mouse problem in a timely and effective manner.

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Moving On: 5 Ways You Can Protect Yourself and Your Family During a Messy Divorce

A.C.O.D. (2013) trailer -- Pictured: Adam Scott (Screengrab)

A.C.O.D. (2013) trailer -- Pictured: Adam Scott (Screengrab)Protecting yourself and your family while you and your spouse are going through a difficult divorce is of paramount importance; legal difficulties that ensue from hurt feelings, fights over money, and custody battles can cause problems for years. Here are some typical scenarios that take place during messy divorces and tips for preventing them.


Domestic Violence Accusations

Domestic violence charges could result in a restraining orders and custody problems, and they could tarnish your reputation in your community and workplace. You will need to hire a highly-competent Escondido defense attorney to fight these accusations. Help your criminal defense attorney defend you by meeting your estranged spouse only in public locations and keep detailed notes on all interactions. It may even help to bring a secret voice recorder to all of your meetings, which will help to protect you from false accusations, and may even catch the other person exhibiting a reckless and improper behavior. Control your temper and avoid sending inflammatory emails or texts or leaving angry messages on voicemail that could be used against you in court. Maintain a diplomatic attitude in interactions with your spouse and refuse to be drawn into emotional discussions without your attorney present.


Loss of Personal Property

Angry spouses often take or even destroy their ex’s personal property. Be sure to consult with your attorney about marital property and follow your lawyer’s instructions carefully. If your spouse removes or damages any of your possessions, make a list of the affected item(s) and the actions taken by your ex. If possible, attach photos and copies of insurance records or anything else that illustrates the value of the property to your notes. Provide all documentation of loss of personal property to your attorney, but do not confront your estranged spouse about the damage yourself. It is best to let your lawyer take the necessary legal action to protect the rest of your possessions.


Failure to Comply with Court-Ordered Custody

Unfortunately, it is very common for divorcing couples to use the children against one another. This is excruciatingly painful for the children and can cause lasting emotional damage. It could also affect the settlement terms of the divorce as well as future custodial determinations. Resist the urge to involve your children in the divorce and ask your spouse to do the same (if you and your spouse are not speaking, make this request through your attorney). Ask your lawyer for specific advice on how to make proper custodial hand-offs, how to handle holidays and birthdays, and documenting interactions with your ex about the children, and even about your communication with your children about the divorce, if necessary.


Loss of Future Income

Suing for alimony and attorney’s fees is common in divorces. Your spouse may quit working, hide assets, or make other attempts to reduce their income in an effort to gain a more sizable share of your salary in the settlement and in the future. The divorce settlement is not always the final determinant of how income will be shared by divorcing spouses, and additional court battles may be inevitable. Follow your attorney’s advice concerning financial matters very carefully. Try not to make career changes during your divorce proceedings without first consulting your lawyer.


Emotional Problems for Yourself and Your Family

Divorce is traumatic, and families can suffer from its repercussions for many years. You may want to invest in professional counseling for yourself and/or your children, particularly if you are planning to move on quickly with a new romantic partner. The amount of change this entails will affect everyone, and you will want to give your new life the best beginning possible. It is also a good idea to move a reasonable distance away from your spouse, which will prevent conflicts that might result from randomly seeing each other in public locations. This can be extremely distressful if the stress with with another person during these times. Move far away enough that you will never end up going to the same places as your ex, but still close enough that you can easily handle exchanges of your children and visits.


Divorce is often a necessary, though difficult, part of moving on to a new and better life. These tips will help you protect yourself and your family during this tough process and ensure that you all begin a journey towards happiness and health.

Staying Sober: Five Tips to Get Clean and Stay Clean

Turning Heads – Utilising Psychology

Drug and alcohol addictions plague people from all walks of life. Not only does the addiction affect the addict, but it also has a major impact on the person’s loved ones. Although breaking the dependence on the substance will not be easy, it can be accomplished with determination, along with having a great support system. Here are five tips to get clean and stay clean.


Admit that you have an addiction


Admitting that you have a drug addiction is the key to getting on the road toward recovery. Unfortunately, this proves to be the most difficult part of the recovery process for some people. Many addicts will adamantly deny that they have a problem, even though the addiction overshadows any other aspect of their life. Admitting to yourself that you addiction is a problem can be one of that most difficult parts. Talk to others about your struggles so they can help you come to terms with the reality of your addiction.


End unhealthily relationships


Often times, an addict may choose to hang around others that live a similar lifestyle. If these detrimental relationships are allowed to persist, the addict’s likelihood of seeking help will be significantly lessened. Try doing more things with people that support you, or start a new hobby that will introduce you to a different crowd of people. It can be hard to cut out the unhealthy relationships in your life if you have nobody else to turn to.


Address the root issues


Although some people are predisposed to addiction, there are others that have turned to substance abuse to cope with another issue. In order for the person to stay sober, the root issue that is troubling them must be addressed. Some of the potential underlying problems range from dealing with a traumatic event to suffering from low self-esteem. Try to understand what the root problem is and address that issue while you are becoming addiction-free. It will make staying away from drugs and alcohol easier if your other struggles are addressed.


Enter a recovery program


When it comes to overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction, it is in your best interest to not fight the battle alone, says professionals from Ascend Recovery. Although there is nothing wrong with leaning on your family for support, a recovery program will help to guide you through every obstacle. Reputable treatment programs have experienced personnel on hand that provide around the clock assistance. Although your family and friends want to supportive and helpful, the professionals at treatment programs have been trained to get you the help you need.


Have patience


In a perfect world, we would be able to magically become sober overnight. The reality is that overcoming an addiction takes a great deal of patience and perseverance. By continuing to focus on the objective, you will gradually make improvements with each passing day. Have faith knowing that one day you will prevail over the addiction.


Following these tips will help you or a loved one to overcome the struggles of a drug or alcohol addiction. Remember, there is nothing wrong with seeking the help of a professional.

5 Easy Eats That May Turn You Into A Breakfast Person

Grab It And Go

Grab It And GoThe old saying about breakfast being the most important meal of the day holds a lot of truth. After going without food for the entire night, your brain and body desperately need that fuel in the morning. However, if you’re not a big fan of breakfast, you may be short-changing yourself and making your day harder than necessary. It’s common for people to skip breakfast because of time constraints or a lack of morning appetite. Even still, it’s important to make sure you eat something when you get up, even if it’s not a full meal. Here are five eats that may turn you into a breakfast person.


Meal Replacement Shakes


There are a ton of breakfast and meal replacement shakes available in any flavor and formulation you can imagine. These products have come a long way since they were first introduced on the market, and most people find them delicious and pleasant to drink. Furthermore, they normally provide an abundance of vitamins and minerals to support energy levels and good nutrition. One of the most popular meal replacement shakes is from Ideal Shape, for which reviews can be found here: meal replacement shake/.


Cereal Bars


Do have to leave for work almost as soon as you climb out of bed? If so, even pouring yourself a bowl of cold cereal can seem needlessly time-consuming. Opting out of breakfast isn’t going to make things easier later on, though. You might be feeling pretty alert at first, but then your blood sugar takes a dive as your body eats through its stored glucose. After that happens, you’re sluggish, irritable, stressed out and very hungry. Fortunately, someone had the brilliant idea of creating cereal bars. Now you can enjoy a serving of your favorite whole-grain cereal on the run.




This protein-rich treat is a great way to start your day. It’s portable, tasty and satisfying, plus it provides calcium and beneficial bacteria. For a little extra nutrition and variety, nuts, fresh fruit or granola are some popular additions.




Eggs are loaded with protein, essential fats and lots of vitamins and minerals. In fact, they’re one of the most nutritious and energy-giving foods you can eat. In addition, they’re fast and easy to prepare and are highly versatile. Boiling, frying and poaching are some popular ways to cook eggs for breakfast because it quick and simple. Hard-boiled eggs are also be eaten on their own for lunch or sliced on a salad.




Nuts are one of nature’s wonder foods. These scrumptious little morsels pack a nutritional punch in every bite. They’re a rich source of healthy fats, protein, minerals and fiber and are very satisfying. Grabbing a handful or two of nuts on your way out the door is a fantastic way to get your breakfast in.

Tips on Developing Healthy Habits amongst Family Members

Turning Heads – Utilising Psychology

Every person wants his child to learn good and healthy habits as habits and attitude do contribute to success. However, it is not an easy process as there are numerous aspects that a person needs to consider. Good habits are not only about eating and practicing right things but it is about developing a fit, loving and helpful person who can differentiate between right and wrong things.

A Long Process

Healthy habits cannot be installed in a person in a few days. It takes years and human beings keep learning new things as they grow. This is why a person needs guidance and support in every phase of life. One must understand the difference between guiding and dictating things. Usually people give up as they lose their patience but here patience is the key to success. If a person knows the right way, it becomes easy to build good habits and avoid issues like obesity, depression and indifference.

The Right Strategy and Aspects

Every person first should know the right way of interacting with others. Healthy habits include staying fit, right behaviour, eating right, avoiding addiction to things like alcohol, drugs etc. It is essential to have a goal and approach it with a vision. Some major aspects a person must keep in mind are:

  • Benefits: Every person must know benefits of acquiring healthy habits. Understanding the benefits helps in deciding the right pathway and putting in best efforts.
  • Plan: The goals need to be very clear so that one can plan his journey accordingly. They should be realistic and manageable. Also, one must do an evaluation on a regular basis to know if the progress is in the right direction.
  • Efforts: Building good habits take time and hence one should keep putting in efforts and remember that small changes also make a huge difference. If one feels low because he is not able to achieve his objectives, he must keep trying rather than giving up.
  • Inspiration: One must always take inspiration from people who have achieved tough goals in life. These people can be from family or from outside. Those who stay organized and motivated to achieve something sooner or later.
  • Failure: Those who have fear of failure usually end up giving up in midway. This is a wrong approach. One must learn from failures and start again ensuring that the mistakes are not repeated.
  • Success: Whenever a person achieves the small objectives, he must celebrate it as it leads to higher confidence. It gives strength for the future.

Motivating Family Members

Once a person adopts the right strategy to success, he can make his family do it as well. This can be done in following few ways:

  • Adopting good habits and setting an example for the kids. Parents must never force kids to learn, good habits should be absorbed by kids themselves.
  • Creating simple routines so that kids get used to the healthy habits and gradually adopt them.
  • Learning should be fun. It is not about reading long lessons on good things rather it should encourage involvement of every member through creative and engaging activities.
  • Members might have to give up certain habits that they enjoyed in order to learn the healthy ones. Therefore, they must be mentally prepared for it.

When members and kids gradually get used to practicing good habits they will feel the change themselves and will move ahead in life with better vision and confidence.

Scott is an expert in SEO training courses. He believes that parenting has an important role as it helps in shaping the future of kids. Every parent must try to inculcate healthy habits in their children so that they become good and successful persons.

Four Tips For Dealing With a Divorce Fairly

Four Tips For Dealing With a Divorce Fairly

Four Tips For Dealing With a Divorce FairlyDivorce can be quite complicated and painful. The proceedings are often fueled by emotion encompassing feelings of hurt, betrayal and anger. Even with all of the psychological implications, it’s imperative that you focus on working toward a divorce settlement that is fair to everyone involved. The decisions at the end of a marriage have effects far beyond what you can imagine. A divorce case lawyer can help you reach an amicable settlement that is in the best interest of everyone involved.

Children are the Top Priority
When it comes to children in a divorce proceeding, they should be the top priority. It is less traumatic for children if they are allowed to live in the same home. Allowing the parent with custody to stay in the family home will help alleviate that stress. The parent moving out should try to find a location nearby to make transportation easier.

Distribute Property Equally
Even though certain assets will be divided based upon the children’s needs, the key to divorcing fairly is to split the property up equitably. Property division should be based upon practicality instead of that of value. If one individual has a long commute to work, it makes sense that they should get the most reliable vehicle.

Preparing Income to Accommodate Financial Needs
Make sure that your ex-spouse and yourself have ample income to sustain the lifestyles for yourself and the children. If you are moving to a small apartment that has lower cost of living expenses while letting the other person retain the house, you could give them alimony to help with the upkeep of the house. Hiring a divorce case lawyer will be able to analyze the situation and make sure all parties receive a fair settlement.

Divide the Debt Responsibilities Fairly
Divide responsibilities for paying the debt fairly between your ex-spouse and you. Countless factors go into play that determine the fairness that need to be considered in this important decision. Determining who is originally responsible for the debt, who is keeping those items that correspond to that debt and the ability of the parties to pay for the debt without bringing upon hardship. If you are planning to keep the car, you should be the one to pay for the car note. If the other party had credit card debt before the marriage that is yet to be paid off, they should be the one responsible for paying it. If paying that debt off would cause a hardship, that should be discussed as well.