Calming Your Psyche: Six Tips for Soothing Your Body and Soul

Calming Your Psyche Six Tips for Soothing Your Body and Soul pic

Calming Your Psyche Six Tips for Soothing Your Body and Soul picCalming your body and soul is a very useful method of coping with stress. Learning ways to reduce the amount of stress many people feel each week can have wonderful long effects. Learning to relax can help you live longer, cope better with an unexpected crisis, and even increase your resistance to infection.

Exercise Each Day

Exercise promotes the production of endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals in the body that help promote well-being. Get on that exercise bike or go for that brisk walk. Concentrate on the exercise alone and let the stress leave your body.

Treat Yourself to Something Sweet

Sweet treats provide a moment of indulgence. Buy a serving of cherries or a few ounces of dark chocolate. Savor the food, feeling each rich bite as you eat. These little pleasures are sure to lift your cares.

Take a Weekend Break

A weekend is an ideal time for a short, yet revitalizing getaway. Plan a quick trip to someplace nearby. Pick out a place you’ve always wanted to visit that’s not too far. Go away for two days and come back refreshed and calmer.

Use Water

We are all part water. Water is a natural for a soothing place to settle your psyche. Fill a tub with bubble bath and hop right in. In summer, plunge into a pool or lake for a few hours to ease aching feet and relax your body. In colder months, walk along a stream and listen to the sound of the water and nothing else. Year round, a hot tub leads to great water therapy on many levels. Not only will it relax achy muscles, the gentle bubbling sound will also calm your mind. Visit for a large selection of hot tubs that will suit any budget and not raise your electric bill.

Laugh Long and Hard

Laughter is one of the best ways to release stress. Put on funny cat videos on YouTube. Go to a comedy show. Read a book of silly knock-knock jokes. Start a pillow fight in the middle of the day with someone you love. Laughing is a great way to release tension and ease your spirit fast.

Hang Out with a Pet

Owning a loving pet has been shown to help people live longer and feel happier. Cuddle up with your adored cat or take Fido on a walk. If you don’t have a pet, visit a neighbor who does, or go to your local shelter and see if you can make a brand new friend for life.

Finding ways to remain calm and sooth your psyche isn’t always easy. Life can be tough. But with a bit of thought and some concentration, you can always find room for your own personal inner peace to come out.

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