4 Reasons Why Using a Dedicated Server Is Your Best Bet When Starting a Website for Your Business

dedicated server

dedicated serverStarting a new website can be a very trying task and typically can run many risks. For example, the federal government has had a horrible experience with launching its healthcare website, which has created a great deal of negative publicity for its poor service, poor security, and penchant for crashing or leaving visitors in online limbo. Avoiding similar difficulties when starting a new website can help to prevent a grand failure, but it is easier said than done. Luckily, by investing in a dedicated server for your business’ website, you will be well on your way to creating a positive online presence. Here is a quick look at why you should choose a dedicated server for your hosting needs, rather than the typical shared hosting plan.


Control Over Software and Hardware

When a website is the only one located on a server, the website owners and builders have more say over the types of hardware and software used to maximize the final product. If particular hardware or software programs are preferred over others that are more compatible with a website, then it is much easier to have those added to the server without concern for how they might impact other sites.


Greater Level of Security

Being the only website on a particular server means fewer people will have access to the server, which lessens the likelihood of a malicious attack or accidental introduction of a virus or malware. Even the best intended sites can lack proper security protection, and if the accidental introduction of a virus or other malicious online component manages to attack a server, all sites on it could be impacted and possibly even be wiped out by a hacker. Having your own dedicated server will also allow for you to place your own security software on the server, which can give you the exact amount of security that your website needs.


Greater Bandwidth

Being the only website on a server means there is more bandwidth available, which means more can be done in a shorter amount of time. Instead of having other sites tying up critical bandwidth and causing the server to process even greater amounts of information, a single site can use the server and provide a much better and faster experience for its visitors. This is especially important if you have downloadable data on your website, or if you use a large amount of videos and photos, since slow upload and download times can cause people to leave your site before they can achieve your goals.


More Personalized Service From Hosts

When a website is the only one hosted on an unmetered dedicated server, it will receive a greater level of attention and care from the owners of the server. A server dedicated to one site means there are no potential conflicts of interest among website owners and makes it easier for the server’s owners to focus on the one customer and give it the best service possible.


Having a website requires a server that will be reliable, responsive and effective. Being the sole site on a dedicated server makes that happen.

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