3 Psychological Effects of Home Burglary


When someone burglarizes your home, the worst consequence is not the loss of your material possessions. After all, these can be replaced, and any monetary loss may be covered by your insurance. Rather, the worst aftermath comes in the form of psychological effects. If your home is broken into, you may find yourself victim to any of the following emotional repercussions:

Never feeling safe.

All the safeguards you had put in place and trusted before– door and window locks, possibly burglar bars, or your dog– failed you and let an intruder in. When might they fail again? You may find yourself unable to sleep at night, fearful that someone will break in. You may find that every little noise, even what turns out to be your house creaking or spouse getting up for a glass of water, awakens suspicion. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a rather extreme, debilitating mental illness defined very specifically by psychologists and is only likely to occur after extremely stressful or life-threatening situations (such as combat or hostage situations),so it’s unlikely to occur for the average burglary, but it could be a consequence if you directly threatened the burglar and were threatened.

Nightmares, especially in children.

Children can be profoundly impacted by a break-in. They already have a tendency to blur reality and fiction; children fear monsters in the closet, ghosts, and anything that frightens them. They internalize fear presented to them and pick up cues from adults about what to fear but lack the maturity to properly assess risks. Therefore, to a child constantly hearing her parents discuss the home invasion, a burglar may become the monster in the closet.

What if’s.

After your home has been burglarized, you may find yourself constantly wondering, “what if?”. What if I had been home when it occurred? What would I have done to protect my children? Would the burglar have hurt my family? What if I had double-checked the lock? A few minor choices– remembering to lock the door or being home at a certain hour or not– can make a great difference, and you may feel regret.

In Tampa, LifeShield reminds us that what a burglar steals is not your material possessions, but your peace of mind. One way to protect your home, your family, and your sense of security is with a home security system, in which trained professionals monitor your home 24 hours a day. There are many options for home security. Finding a plan to fit your lifestyle and budget is the first step to safeguarding your home and your peace of mind.

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