Why Public Cloud Hosting?


For many companies, IT is becoming an indispensable part of their business operations. As cloud hosting, mobile technologies and super-fast networks increasingly distort the boundaries of professional and social life, we need a strong IT infrastructure. It is here and at scale that public cloud hosting offers tremendous benefits to help turn your business from a standalone entity into an online powerhouse.

To achieve this, companies are looking to third party providers who can manage bespoke/complex web portals, connecting users across vast networks, with fast, reliable, on-demand hosting services.

Today, many forward thinking leaders in IT and in business are turning to public cloud hosting because it helps them build a strong web presence that their staff and customers can access via a resilient network. Converging business workflow and strategy across such networks enables staff, partners and customers to make more informed decisions and engage within the business matrix with far greater levels of confidence.

Here we look at the main reasons why third party hosting of a public cloud network helps companies win the battle for IT supremacy, eradicating downtime and ultimately embracing users in the vast numbers that potentially will frequent your network. Those businesses that fail to do so will quickly lose business visibility and appeal. For many the trade-off is customisation versus cost versus scalability. Yet this three pillar approach to IT strategy can be built in unison, within a public cloud hosted environment and deliver significant organisational benefits:

1) Optimum equipment utilisation at all times. Managed hosting providers maintain the most up-to-date hardware, software and service to manage IT infrastructure. Eliminating the need for you to purchase equipment, maintain and upgrade it, foot the bill for power, cooling and rack space. Such cost reductions save hundreds of thousands of pounds per year whilst maintaining the best technology stack at your disposal.
2) Endless scalability. As staff and visitor traffic fluctuates across your network, handling data flow to service growing numbers of users takes expert service management. Dedicated support can load balance resources, deal with traffic spikes and monitor/manage bandwidth for the optimum running of your network. This maintains the integrity of services for all connected stakeholders and systems.
3) Fault tolerance and security. As standards change, Internet hosting protocol and data governance measures across your cloud infrastructure need reputable third-party management. Compliant hosting ensures the utmost security of sensitive data, fraud detection, backup and restore procedures to maintain availability of services 24/7.
4) Dedicated management and support. Deploying the services of a managed public cloud hosting infrastructure ensures technical and administrative IT responsibilities are in the dedicated hands. From monitoring servers to repairing hardware failures… from troubleshooting network issues to backing up and restoring systems on-demand. This takes all of the stress and strain out of internal resources who may not be best equipped to maintain the optimum performance of your cloud network and IT infrastructure stack.

Public cloud hosting provides the most scalable and cost-effective way to run your business through powerful IT functions. For these reasons, innovative and visionary companies today are opting for a new form of network infrastructure that provides optimum ROI and complete control of capital assets. Cheap and infinitely scalable, elevating your corporate IT structure within a hosted public cloud ensures an ever optimised, fast and reliable network of operations.


Customer Relationship Management Software Solutions: It’s Not Just For Sales Any More


The software CRM tools use today are useful for things other than just making sales.


Customer relationship management (CRM) has long been touted as a way to increase sales and drive revenues through stronger customer relationships.  While this continues to be the case, changes to CRM technology have made CRM a tool that is useful for a variety of business tasks outside of just sales.  Modern CRM software integrates all departments within a company, giving customers the very best customer experience, from the time that they make first contact with the company through to customer service calls.


Call Center Service


Because CRM is an integrated system, it shares the data that is collected about customers to anyone in the company who needs it.  In the case of call center, or customer service, employees, CRM gives them a better picture of the customer when the customer voices a concern.  Call center employees can immediately access the customer’s name, contact information, service call history and purchase history, so that the call center can see where the customer has had issues in the past and which products or services the customer is currently using.  With this information in hand, the call center employee is better able to find ways to address the needs of the customer, leaving the customer with a positive impression of the experience.


Employee Collaboration


Many companies work on large projects that require collaboration between several different employees.  CRM provides a solution, CRM project management, which enables employees to collaborate with each other and the customer in order to complete a project, even if the project has dozens of tasks that need to be accomplished.  The information employees need about the project is available in one place, at any time, and employees no longer have to worry about lost or inaccurate data or a lack of communication between members of the project team.  Managers can implement workflow guidelines to keep employees on track and provide checkpoints to monitor the progress of the project.  CRM project management solutions speed up the process of communication and make it easier to oversee large projects.




CRM software aids in company marketing in a number of ways.  First, CRM helps marketing departments assess the impact a campaign has on driving customer acquisition, so that marketing dollars can be spent in areas that will make the biggest impact.  As customer leads are generated, it is easy to track where the leads are coming from through the CRM interface.  Second, CRM software helps marketers identify and prioritize high value leads over marginal potential customers.  Just because a potential customer has contacted the company does not mean that person is a high value lead.  CRM software can help marketers find out more information about potential customers and determine which leads are more likely to lead to sales than others.  Finally, marketing departments can use CRM software to identify common traits among existing or potential customers and enable marketers to create targeted marketing opportunities that take advantage of these connections.


CRM has always been a terrific way for businesses to manage sales teams, but the newest CRM platforms like SugarCRM’s software provides tools that go far beyond just sales.  Companies can utilize a comprehensive CRM solution to address a variety of issues in the company and access the full functionality of the CRM software.

How To Measure The User Experience


User experience is all about meeting the exact needs and demands of the customer, without any sort of fuss or bother. User experience is also all about simplicity as well as the elegance that helps in the production of those types of products which are a joy to own and also a joy to use. If we talk about the true user experience, it is much more than that of giving the customers what they say and what they want. If you are desirous of achieving a quality user experience in a company’s offerings, it should have a uniform merging of the services of multitudinous disciplines. Here are some of the end user experience monitoring tools for knowing about the customer experience measurement includes:

  1. Heuristics: This is considered to be a de facto web standard and research from the sciences that reveals many things with regards to the best of practices in page layout, and visual design. If there any usability problems are found they are linked to the point of view of the interface that are reasonably easy to demonstrate. An example is the use of colors, consistency of the terminology, layout and information structure and also the consistency of the interaction mechanism.
  2. Expert Review: This can be considered to be a survey of a website or application which has been undertaken by specialists in the user-centered designs. With the help of these expert reviews they will be able to take you to the next level of customer experience measurement. These experts are able to do this with a systematic rating of the performance of your product on several relevant factors. It is also possible to perform an expert review with a short turnaround and can be used to develop a measure of all your web assets so as to help you in identifying those areas which will require the most attention.
  3. Web Hits/Usage Analysis: With the help of this type of analysis end user experience monitoring tools such as Omniture, Google Analytics and also  the Web Trends make use of so as to study the hit pattern of your site or application. With these tools you are also able to get the feel of a typical navigational flow, get a sense the number of pages which your client has visited and also viewed and also the key drop-off locations. It will also be possible for you to track statistics in the form of bounce rates as well as the conversion metrics. If you combine them with data of the customer relationship management then these web usage analysis will become highly effective in mapping as well as in understanding user behavior.

You should therefore remember that web analytics and usage metrics rely on assumptions. These assumptions are based on the user behavior.

Hence as these end user experience monitoring tools have helped you in determining the success of your website so that it is able to meet your business goals.

User experience is able to incorporate all the aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and also its products.

Author Bio:-  The Author is well versed  with end user experience monitoring tools and gives us  thee minute  details of it very nicely.

Staying Sober: Five Tips to Get Clean and Stay Clean

Turning Heads – Utilising Psychology

Drug and alcohol addictions plague people from all walks of life. Not only does the addiction affect the addict, but it also has a major impact on the person’s loved ones. Although breaking the dependence on the substance will not be easy, it can be accomplished with determination, along with having a great support system. Here are five tips to get clean and stay clean.


Admit that you have an addiction


Admitting that you have a drug addiction is the key to getting on the road toward recovery. Unfortunately, this proves to be the most difficult part of the recovery process for some people. Many addicts will adamantly deny that they have a problem, even though the addiction overshadows any other aspect of their life. Admitting to yourself that you addiction is a problem can be one of that most difficult parts. Talk to others about your struggles so they can help you come to terms with the reality of your addiction.


End unhealthily relationships


Often times, an addict may choose to hang around others that live a similar lifestyle. If these detrimental relationships are allowed to persist, the addict’s likelihood of seeking help will be significantly lessened. Try doing more things with people that support you, or start a new hobby that will introduce you to a different crowd of people. It can be hard to cut out the unhealthy relationships in your life if you have nobody else to turn to.


Address the root issues


Although some people are predisposed to addiction, there are others that have turned to substance abuse to cope with another issue. In order for the person to stay sober, the root issue that is troubling them must be addressed. Some of the potential underlying problems range from dealing with a traumatic event to suffering from low self-esteem. Try to understand what the root problem is and address that issue while you are becoming addiction-free. It will make staying away from drugs and alcohol easier if your other struggles are addressed.


Enter a recovery program


When it comes to overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction, it is in your best interest to not fight the battle alone, says professionals from Ascend Recovery. Although there is nothing wrong with leaning on your family for support, a recovery program will help to guide you through every obstacle. Reputable treatment programs have experienced personnel on hand that provide around the clock assistance. Although your family and friends want to supportive and helpful, the professionals at treatment programs have been trained to get you the help you need.


Have patience


In a perfect world, we would be able to magically become sober overnight. The reality is that overcoming an addiction takes a great deal of patience and perseverance. By continuing to focus on the objective, you will gradually make improvements with each passing day. Have faith knowing that one day you will prevail over the addiction.


Following these tips will help you or a loved one to overcome the struggles of a drug or alcohol addiction. Remember, there is nothing wrong with seeking the help of a professional.

The Best of This Fall’s TV Comedies


With summer finally over, there are many reasons to look forward to fall – nice cool weather and Halloween included. But, one of the most popular reasons is to view the new highly anticipated television comedies. Which new show will be the best 2013 TV comedy? Let’s find out.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”
Fox’s new comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is on the top of the fall 2013 best new television comedy list.

The show depicts a gifted, but immature New York City police detective played by Andy Samberg as he navigates a working relationship with his strict 99th precinct Commanding Officer, Captain Ray Holt. Holt is played by Andy Braugher. Critics love the dynamics between Braugher and Samberg — good chemistry. It’s also refreshing to watch a comedy based on a police department — a bit unusual, but it works. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” set to air right after the Superbowl, shows Fox has a great deal of confidence in the show.

Among the highly anticipated 2013 TV comedies is “Enlisted” — a military comedy about three brothers on a military base. The show stars Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell and Parker Young as the Hill brothers. While most of the soldiers are deployed overseas, the Hill brothers are left behind on base for Rear Detachment — an unwanted post. Despite the let-down, the brothers learn to work together, strengthening their bond. Look out for “Enlisted,” which is set to air on Fox. So far the series is just 13 episodes, but if it performs as expected the network is likely to order more.

“Hello Ladies”
HBO’s new comedy,
“Hello Ladies,” aired September 29, 2013. The show stars Stephen Merchant as Stuart — a gawky self-absorbed Englishman looking for love in Los Angeles. For Stuart, this means becoming a social butterfly, frequenting local bars and clubs to pick up women and occasionally using crude language. The series is based on Merchant’s stand up show by the same name. “Hello Ladies” airs for nine episodes ending in November.

The CBS TV comedy “Mom” started aired in September 2013. Starring Anna Faris, the show depicts a single mom trying to manage her life and relationships with her kids after becoming sober. Critics are on the fence about whether the show will be successful. Although Christy, Faris’ character, is funny at times, she’s not as likeable as expected — a pity since Faris is so likeable. Allison Janney, however, who plays Faris’ mother is enjoyable to watch, but in too few scenes. Despite the mixed reviews, CBS has given “Mom” a big vote of confidence by ordering a full season of episodes. The show airs Mondays at 9:30 pm EST /8:30 CST.

“Trophy Wife”
TV critics are liking the new ABC comedy “Trophy Wife,” which follows a reformed party girl — Kate Harrison played by Malin Ackerman — after she marries a lawyer she met in a karaoke bar. Unexpectedly, she now has to deal with his two ex-wives, his children and his complicated extended family. Critics such as TVLine’s Matt Webb are praising
“Trophy Wife” for Ackerman’s “fun-loving warm personality” on the show. Since its airing, ABC has ordered three additional episodes — a good sign.

“The Crazy Ones”
Robin Williams stars in the CBS comedy “The Crazy Ones” as an executive at an advertising agency who works with uptight daughter and protege played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. Expect to see references to real companies and guest stars playing themselves such as Kelly Clarkson and Josh Groban. “The Crazy Ones” airs on CBS Thursdays at 9:00 pm EST/ 8:00 pm CST.

With all of the great cable TV deals to choose from, there are plenty of opportunities to judge for yourself. Happy watching!

Coolest Tech Innovations: Now and Next

Turning Heads – Utilising Psychology

It’s always fun to engage in a bit of retro-futurism. Looking back, many of the speculations for how we’d be living today have been wildly off the mark. However, that only applies when the speculation was energy-based. Thanks to Moore’s law, just about anyone who incorporated information technology when they speculated on the future has been more or less on the money.

We expect to see a lot of cool new tech innovations unveiled at the upcoming CES® 2014 in Las Vegas. This helpful tradeshow guide is a solid resource for staying in the loop of what’s to come. But with all of the cool gadgets that hit the shelves so far this year, here are some of tech’s greatest accomplishments that merely hint at what’s to come.

In phones

Today’s manufacturers face a challenge. They must look into the corners of existing technology to find areas of improvement. They must explore the edges of the idea, not just the idea itself. Sony’s Xperia Z does just that, figuring out a way to work innovation into an area – smart phones – where Apple has rendered it almost commonplace by now. Just how did they do it, you ask? They’ve made their phone shatterproof and water resistant. Just to keep things holding up on the technical end, the 4G LTE high-speed connectivity, Snapdragon quad-core processor, and 13MP camera all but guarantee a powerhouse operation.

In home appliances

It seems we can’t get enough of Jetson’s-style smart appliances. They may not have feelings – yet, but products like the Samsung T9000 refrigerator are paving the way for smart appliance innovation nonetheless. The oversized LCD screen, located just above the icemaker, features an Evernote app that allows users to share videos, pictures, and yes, recipes. Calendar and weather apps are also included along with a variety of others. The innovation isn’t just on the outside. Three evaporators, two compressor units, and multiple sensors help maintain optimum food-grade humidity and cooling levels.

In computing

We can’t seem to get enough of tablet improvements. From its inception, the design seemed ripe for improvement speculations. Now, those speculations are coming true, and Lenovo’s IdeaCentre Horizon is proof. The 27-inch screen can either stand tall or lie flat. While this mini coffee table-sized screen is somewhat of a novelty for everyday computing, it is positively ideal for gaming. The tabletop screen is designed for multiple fingers – making it perfect for family game nights and physical interaction – and uses an Aura interface as well as Windows 8.

In audio

The Monster ClarityHD Katana wireless speaker features Bluetooth that uses apt-X codecs and AAC for lossless audio compression, which automatically catapults it into the realm of futuristic sophistication. The speaker utilizes an array of speakers as well as three, count ’em, three amplifiers that are sure to rattle the teeth out of the most hardened heavy metal fan.

In video

We can’t forget that innovation always was and always will be about size. LG’s 55EM9700 TV is a 55-inch OLED screen that’s only 4mm thick. True to futuristic expectations, the picture is clearer than ever. LG’s resolution is about as best as it can get these days, with no competition. Black levels have never been deeper, and the finest details absolutely pop from the backgrounds.

What’s ahead

This past year saw the rise of the smart appliances. It seemed if it was solid and you used it at least once a day, you could make it smart. In 2014, it seems cloud computing is the new smart.

It goes without saying that the increased reliance on cloud storage will maximize system speeds and efficiencies, not to mention memory.

As the vanguards of technology roll out inventions and improvements that propel us ever forward into the future, we can be sure to expect innovation that takes our breath away.


Some facts must know about SSL Certification



This is something essential.   I know that SSL certificate has a certain annual cost, but it is necessary. In this post I will present what HTTPS and why its use is mandatory when an E-commerce site is managed.

What is SSL?

SSL and its evolution TLS (Transport Layer Security) to encrypt and decrypt data transmitted over the internet and can securely. When SSL (or TLS for the rest I would SSL but it applies equally to both) is coupled with the HTTP protocol is referred to as HTTPS.

HTTPS is a way for a visitor to securely access a website. Through this protocol, the data passing between the client and the server can not be read or manipulated by other people. It is therefore essential for all operations where sensitive information is transferred (even for a site that offers a member area it is advisable to use SSL). (more…)

Calming Your Psyche: Six Tips for Soothing Your Body and Soul

Calming Your Psyche Six Tips for Soothing Your Body and Soul pic

Calming Your Psyche Six Tips for Soothing Your Body and Soul picCalming your body and soul is a very useful method of coping with stress. Learning ways to reduce the amount of stress many people feel each week can have wonderful long effects. Learning to relax can help you live longer, cope better with an unexpected crisis, and even increase your resistance to infection.

Exercise Each Day

Exercise promotes the production of endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals in the body that help promote well-being. Get on that exercise bike or go for that brisk walk. Concentrate on the exercise alone and let the stress leave your body.

Treat Yourself to Something Sweet

Sweet treats provide a moment of indulgence. Buy a serving of cherries or a few ounces of dark chocolate. Savor the food, feeling each rich bite as you eat. These little pleasures are sure to lift your cares.

Take a Weekend Break

A weekend is an ideal time for a short, yet revitalizing getaway. Plan a quick trip to someplace nearby. Pick out a place you’ve always wanted to visit that’s not too far. Go away for two days and come back refreshed and calmer.

Use Water

We are all part water. Water is a natural for a soothing place to settle your psyche. Fill a tub with bubble bath and hop right in. In summer, plunge into a pool or lake for a few hours to ease aching feet and relax your body. In colder months, walk along a stream and listen to the sound of the water and nothing else. Year round, a hot tub leads to great water therapy on many levels. Not only will it relax achy muscles, the gentle bubbling sound will also calm your mind. Visit bullfrogspas.com for a large selection of hot tubs that will suit any budget and not raise your electric bill.

Laugh Long and Hard

Laughter is one of the best ways to release stress. Put on funny cat videos on YouTube. Go to a comedy show. Read a book of silly knock-knock jokes. Start a pillow fight in the middle of the day with someone you love. Laughing is a great way to release tension and ease your spirit fast.

Hang Out with a Pet

Owning a loving pet has been shown to help people live longer and feel happier. Cuddle up with your adored cat or take Fido on a walk. If you don’t have a pet, visit a neighbor who does, or go to your local shelter and see if you can make a brand new friend for life.

Finding ways to remain calm and sooth your psyche isn’t always easy. Life can be tough. But with a bit of thought and some concentration, you can always find room for your own personal inner peace to come out.

Why Hostgator Web Hosting is best among other Hosting


Have you ever wondered what the definition of a good web hosting company is? Well, Hostgator is getting close to perfection due to the services offered. It’s been more than 10 years since the company was founded and many things changed in all this time. At the very beginning, Hostgator’s plan was to act locally, in Houston, Texas, but in just a few years they reached 1000 customers. Judging by this rapid progress, the company has decided to expand its line of services. One major advantage that separates Hostgator from other web hosting companies is the price. You have the opportunity of hosting a website for as little as $4 per month. In addition, Hostgator uses a ‘money-back’ option that gives you even more flexibility.

In other words, if you are not satisfied by the services they offer, you have 45 days to ask for your money back. Also you can use hostgator coupon code .As I mentioned earlier, Hostgator experienced a significant increase in the number of clients. At this moment they serve over 400,000 people in 200 different countries worldwide. But the services don’t include only website hosting. You can also purchase VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers and Reseller Hosting for affordable fees and the ‘money-back’ option is available here too.

For the Server side, you can choose between Linux and Windows; both of them are equipped with state of the art security methods that ensure maximum data protection. In terms of website hosting, the company displays some amazing numbers: more than 9 million domains are hosted by Hostgator. Besides the $4 package you can also choose a $7 or a 10 per month option; these involve other benefits like unlimited domains and private SSL & IP. With a team of over 750 people, Hostgator manages to deal with all the customer requests. The emergency midnight issues are no longer a problem because there’s always someone working at the company, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, by being a Hostgator customer you’ll be treated with maximum respect and attention if you encounter any problem with your website, server or domain.

The company supports you even if you’ve decided to switch from another host to Hostgator using hostgator coupon. They will do all the necessary steps in order to have your files and databases secured to their server; and all this for free. Don’t worry if you have no idea how to create a website with HTML, CSS and PHP: on Hostgator you can find an easy website creator that will match your needs. Just a few clicks and it will be all done. You can also install scripts and add flash animations extremely easily. No wonder that Hostgator is so appreciated by worldwide customers. The key to success is represented by accessibility, price, easiness of use and support. Somehow, this hosting company manages to mix all of them together. If you are planning to open a business, don’t hesitate to check out the offers on Hostgator.com; you’ll be amazed to see so many features at such a low price.

All about Compounded Medicines That You Must Know

Turning Heads – Utilising Psychology

There have been several concerns about compounded medicines, especially after some incidents have been reported where these medicines led to serious infections. However, this has also led to confusion amongst patients regarding the difference between compounding and manufacturing. If you do not know the difference, you need to understand the two techniques properly. This will help you take the right decisions and avoid any problems.

Differentiating Between the Two

When we talk about manufacturing medicines, it is related to preparing medicines in large quantities. The process followed, and the drugs used, are approved by the regulating authorities. This means that everything is done according to set rules and regulations, which ensure good quality and proper safety measures at each stage. The medicines are tested several times before being introduced and therefore, the probability of infection or any other side effect is nil.

On the other hand, compounding is creating medicines as per the patient’s requirements regarding concentration of drugs, strength, and the dosage. This is not possible in medicines manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. One important thing that every person should know is that these medicines are not approved. The standards vary from one area to another and thus, the processes and techniques vary as well. This is a concern, as you might not get the same medicine from every compound pharmacy.

What You Must Know

Usually when we talk about medicines, we think of capsules, powders, creams, gels, etc. However, this is not the case in compounded medicines. Most medicines made using this technique are available in liquid form and have to be injected or swallowed. Also, when you approach a compound pharmacy, you will notice that the medicine is made in small quantities as prescribed by the doctor.

There are a number of healthcare organizations that have proper facilities and equipment for making compound medicines. The in-house setup ensures that proper precautions are taken and drugs are used in right quantity. However, those who do not have such setups tie with companies and pharmacists who have knowledge about compounding. They provide all necessary medicines as per the patient, and make sure that there is no shortage of any drug.

Guidelines for Compounding

Even though the rules and regulations vary from one area to other, there are certain bodies that monitor the quality and standards. The compounding pharmacists need to do proper research before preparing any medicine, so that there are no adverse effects on the patients. Also, they are expected to use latest techniques and equipment for better standards. Companies prepare medicines in a safe environment and conduct relevant tests as well.

Healthcare organizations and companies are trying their level best to provide medicines after proper analysis. Companies and pharmacists are using the latest techniques and ensuring timely supply of medicines to the patients. If done with proper safety, compounding is indeed of great use for patients who do not get the desired treatment from medicines manufactured by companies. The need is to understand the process, and make certain that the pharmacist you choose for compounding is reliable and has proper knowledge about all drugs.