5 Easy Eats That May Turn You Into A Breakfast Person

Grab It And Go

Grab It And GoThe old saying about breakfast being the most important meal of the day holds a lot of truth. After going without food for the entire night, your brain and body desperately need that fuel in the morning. However, if you’re not a big fan of breakfast, you may be short-changing yourself and making your day harder than necessary. It’s common for people to skip breakfast because of time constraints or a lack of morning appetite. Even still, it’s important to make sure you eat something when you get up, even if it’s not a full meal. Here are five eats that may turn you into a breakfast person.


Meal Replacement Shakes


There are a ton of breakfast and meal replacement shakes available in any flavor and formulation you can imagine. These products have come a long way since they were first introduced on the market, and most people find them delicious and pleasant to drink. Furthermore, they normally provide an abundance of vitamins and minerals to support energy levels and good nutrition. One of the most popular meal replacement shakes is from Ideal Shape, for which reviews can be found here: http://www.mealreplacementshakereviews.com/idealshape meal replacement shake/.


Cereal Bars


Do have to leave for work almost as soon as you climb out of bed? If so, even pouring yourself a bowl of cold cereal can seem needlessly time-consuming. Opting out of breakfast isn’t going to make things easier later on, though. You might be feeling pretty alert at first, but then your blood sugar takes a dive as your body eats through its stored glucose. After that happens, you’re sluggish, irritable, stressed out and very hungry. Fortunately, someone had the brilliant idea of creating cereal bars. Now you can enjoy a serving of your favorite whole-grain cereal on the run.




This protein-rich treat is a great way to start your day. It’s portable, tasty and satisfying, plus it provides calcium and beneficial bacteria. For a little extra nutrition and variety, nuts, fresh fruit or granola are some popular additions.




Eggs are loaded with protein, essential fats and lots of vitamins and minerals. In fact, they’re one of the most nutritious and energy-giving foods you can eat. In addition, they’re fast and easy to prepare and are highly versatile. Boiling, frying and poaching are some popular ways to cook eggs for breakfast because it quick and simple. Hard-boiled eggs are also be eaten on their own for lunch or sliced on a salad.




Nuts are one of nature’s wonder foods. These scrumptious little morsels pack a nutritional punch in every bite. They’re a rich source of healthy fats, protein, minerals and fiber and are very satisfying. Grabbing a handful or two of nuts on your way out the door is a fantastic way to get your breakfast in.

How to Use Tech in a Workplace to Train Employees

tech in work place

The last thing employees want is another boring training as they struggle to stay awake causing them to tune out new regulations, updated information and key factors that resulted in the training in the first place.  Did you know, many employees are challenged in maintaining attention and being able to retain vital information when it is delivered ineffectively? “Not another boring training” is oftentimes the first thing that crosses an employee’s mind when their employer requires mandatory training.  As a result, employers are challenged in developing more motivating, creative, appealing, interesting and enjoyable training and development programs that can change their employee’s outlook on mandatory trainings and other training opportunities within an organization. 

How Businesses Use Technology in Training Today’s Workforce

To remove the boredom from training, more employers are incorporating more engaging and effective approaches in their training and development programs.  In 2011, the American Society for Training and Development reported U.S. businesses spent approximately $156 billion on employee training.  From online tutorials, web tools, teleconferences and virtual programs, employers are able to tap into diverse learning styles to enhance learning.  Keep in mind, there are many ways in which technology can be used in training and development programs.  First and foremost, organizations are able to use technology within training to connect employees across the organization.  Regardless if the training is conducted at the corporate headquarters or an employee at another location in a different state needs to participate in the training, employees are able to participate in the training through the capabilities of telephones and computers.  In addition to this, the capabilities of various technology, allows employers to record a training session so employees are able to access the training at a later date if they are unavailable to attend the live session.  This is often done through a webinar feature on the computer or recording capabilities available on phone systems.  However, for many employers, conducting trainings in a classroom setting remains to be popular.  This form of training has proven to be very effective over the years.  Needless to say, to engage employees, technology has been incorporated within the traditional classroom environment.  Rather it’s through the use of slideshow presentations presented on large screens and also videos. It is not uncommon to see this form of technology implemented within the traditional classroom as a teaching aid.

Benefits of Incorporating Technology in Training

Although there are many benefits in implementing technology in training programs, the ultimate objective is to ensure information is delivered to employees in a way that equips employees to be more effective, enhances skill sets, improves job performance, creates a safe working environment, and educates employees on policies and procedures that are needed to be most successful within their job.  Here are some other benefits technology can offer when incorporated within company training programs:

  • Offers flexibility and convenience
  • Facilitates collaboration across the organization
  • Easily accessible through the use of wireless phones and tablets
  • Employees are able to work at their own pace
  • Encourages team building among employees at different levels within the company
  • Connects employees throughout the organization regardless of location
  • Can prove to be cost-effective for organizations

Technology within training programs is essential for employers today.  Due to the rising demand of organizations revamping their training and development programs, there will continue to be a need for individuals that possess the skills to assist organizations in achieving this goal.  As a result, individuals possessing a background in instructional design and technology will have a competitive edge in aiding organizations in implementing technology within corporate training and development initiatives.

Your Psychology: Five Ideas for Better Managing Your ADHD

your psychology

your psychologyADHD is one of the least sunderstood illnesses millions of adults struggle to manage. The condition doesn’t necessarily mean that one is unable to accomplish great things; it just means that one will have to adapt. If you are struggling with ADHD, you know all too well how frustrating the condition can be. Here are five ideas for better managing your ADHD.

Create a routine or schedule.

Putting a schedule together will help you remain focused. While it may be an adjustment when implemented in the beginning stages, it will get much easier over time. You will adapt to the new routine in no time. As you develop your schedule, be sure to schedule in sufficient downtime to avoid crashing and burnout.

Make sure that you are getting enough sleep.

Sometimes not being able to sleep well can make it harder to manage ADHD symptoms. This is especially important if the person is on any form of medication. This is how physicians are able to gauge whether or not the medication is working properly.

Set attainable goals.

While it may be easier for those not suffering with the condition to achieve a lot of things in a given day, a person with ADHD should consider revisiting their goals. Trimming down the list of tasks and allocating a specific amount of time to completing the tasks will make you more effective. Additionally, you may find it helpful to schedule “rewards” or “privileges” to keep you motivated.

Post reminders.

Some people benefit from having visual cues to remain on track. Prioritize everything you want to accomplish and create visual reminders throughout your environment to keep you aware. Whenever an impulse to deviate from the plan occurs, a person can be inspired to regain focus and remain on task.

Incorporate herbs into your diet.

Low levels of zinc in the system have been shown to lead to impulsivity and hyperactivity in those with ADHD and supplements can boost those levels.Lavender has already been proven to relieve tension. Kava-kava is another herb that works for ADHD patients by reducing anxiety. Licorice is recommended for hyperactive individuals and can help regulate moods. Fish oil can be taken to help improve organizational skills. If you are interested in herbal help, do some research to find the best natural remedies for you.

Many people go on to be successful in spite of having ADHD. Once you have accepted the condition, you are in a great place to empower yourself to become better. As you learn to manage your condition, you will become more productive. You may even become inspired to help others.

Reference: http://www.nativeremedies.com/products/focus-formula-childrens-herbal-adhd-remedy.html?utm_campaign=ADHDremedy&utm_medium=organic&utm_source=guestblog&utm_content=FOCprodpage

5 Steps to Success: The Perfect Web Design

perfect web design


It seems that everything these days is digital; every company has a site or two, and every Tom, Dick and Harry has a platform to make their voices heard.

perfect web design

But whether you happen to be part of a business trying to make it big or you’re a blogger trying to up your profile, in such a crowded space like the Internet, separating yourself from the herd is crucially important. So it can be surprising to hear that some simple design considerations can have a huge effect.


So before you head over to WebHostingBlueBook.com and begin setting up your own website, here’s some advice and inspiration for you that will help you to make a big impact and stand out from the online crowd:




It might seem simple, but it can be very easy to make a maze of a site without knowing it. Conventions of web design have come about for a reason – just because your site shares a similar basic layout to another does not make it any worse. Be creative within the language of website layouts – buttons and banners can direct and inform users without confusing them. Be creative within these boundaries and your site will flourish.


Consider the user


The user is the most important aspect of your website: no users, no site. Consider how to get their attention. Clever websites such as www.humanized.com use techniques such as bold text and images to draw a user’s eye through the page, an eye that may normally dart from one text block to another. Can the user clearly identify what your site offers from a glance, and is it distinct enough from competitors in the field?


Clarity of design


Empty space is not evil – every web designer will tell you this. In this age of a hundred different screen sizes it’s practically a necessity. A clear design will make site navigation much easier and help users intake information. Simple formatting of text will assist users massively and can be done quickly. Boxes can be used to make clear divisions while still being visually pleasing. Learning the basics of graphic design theory can help greatly with making a clear, functional and attractive site.




No one will visit a website they cannot find. Search engine optimization (SEO) is extremely important to a site’s success, ensuring it appears on websites such as Google or Bing with relevant searches. Building links with other sites can also get you seen, gaining visitors from their stream of traffic. Finally, social media campaigns have the benefit of increasing your publicity while also giving you a voice to communicate with visitors.




It can be easily overlooked, but testing is crucially important. Code can be fickle and unreliable, so testing should always be a high priority. Remember to test your site early, as you don’t want an engrained mistake marring later progress. Aside from practical problems, don’t forget to assess your design choices either. It may help to invite a friend or colleague to give their opinion: you may have been staring at your site for many hours, but fresh eyes spot new mistakes.

The Importance of Commercial Fire Pumps in Facilities

Turning Heads – Utilising Psychology

Business owners in the process of building a new facility or updating their current buildings would do very well to start looking into important safety components such as fire pumps in order to power their emergency sprinkler system. One of the most important aspects of any public building is fire safety. In fact, there are several government regulations in place requiring that public facilities meet certain standards in terms of safety and fire preparedness.


First, it may be helpful for you to understand exactly what a fire pump is. A fire pump is a component within a fire sprinkler system and is responsible for feeding potentially large amounts of pressurized water through that sprinkler system in the event of a fire emergency. Due to the size of many public and commercial buildings, specialized fire pumps are often required in order to provide the necessary amount of water throughout the fire system.


A fire pump can be powered in a variety of ways including electricity, diesel fuel, and steam power. The fire pump is usually connected either to the public water line or a storage tank with a large enough capacity to supply the appropriate amount of water to the system in the event that it is needed.


Now that you understand a little bit about what a fire pump does, it is important to gain an understanding as to why they are so important in the construction of a commercial building. The easy answer is to contribute to public safety. In the event of a fire emergency, it is vital to have an effective fire suppression system in place that can help to either put the fire out quickly or contain the flames long enough for the building’s occupants to evacuate to safety.


The key component in a good fire system is ensuring that you have sufficient fire pumps incorporated into the system and that they are able to meet the water capacity required for your specific building. It is extremely important to incorporate pumps that not only meet your building and fire suppression system’s capacity requirements, but also that meet up with government requirements.


The best way to go about this is to purchase your pumps from a company such as Aline Fire Pumps, which specializes in building commercial grade pumps that are designed to meet your specific needs as well as meeting up with Australian government standards. Failure to adhere to these important government regulations can result in serious fire safety hazards, not to mention stiff financial penalties should your system fail to pass an inspection.


Due to the unique nature and location of your facility, it is also very important to consider the power source that will be incorporated into your fire pumps. This may seem like a trivial decision, but if you are in an area that experiences frequent or even occasional power outages for example, a diesel or steam powered pump may be a better option for you than electric. Consider what may offer the easiest installation without sacrificing the overall safety and effectiveness of your system when making this decision.


Tips on Developing Healthy Habits amongst Family Members

Turning Heads – Utilising Psychology

Every person wants his child to learn good and healthy habits as habits and attitude do contribute to success. However, it is not an easy process as there are numerous aspects that a person needs to consider. Good habits are not only about eating and practicing right things but it is about developing a fit, loving and helpful person who can differentiate between right and wrong things.

A Long Process

Healthy habits cannot be installed in a person in a few days. It takes years and human beings keep learning new things as they grow. This is why a person needs guidance and support in every phase of life. One must understand the difference between guiding and dictating things. Usually people give up as they lose their patience but here patience is the key to success. If a person knows the right way, it becomes easy to build good habits and avoid issues like obesity, depression and indifference.

The Right Strategy and Aspects

Every person first should know the right way of interacting with others. Healthy habits include staying fit, right behaviour, eating right, avoiding addiction to things like alcohol, drugs etc. It is essential to have a goal and approach it with a vision. Some major aspects a person must keep in mind are:

  • Benefits: Every person must know benefits of acquiring healthy habits. Understanding the benefits helps in deciding the right pathway and putting in best efforts.
  • Plan: The goals need to be very clear so that one can plan his journey accordingly. They should be realistic and manageable. Also, one must do an evaluation on a regular basis to know if the progress is in the right direction.
  • Efforts: Building good habits take time and hence one should keep putting in efforts and remember that small changes also make a huge difference. If one feels low because he is not able to achieve his objectives, he must keep trying rather than giving up.
  • Inspiration: One must always take inspiration from people who have achieved tough goals in life. These people can be from family or from outside. Those who stay organized and motivated to achieve something sooner or later.
  • Failure: Those who have fear of failure usually end up giving up in midway. This is a wrong approach. One must learn from failures and start again ensuring that the mistakes are not repeated.
  • Success: Whenever a person achieves the small objectives, he must celebrate it as it leads to higher confidence. It gives strength for the future.

Motivating Family Members

Once a person adopts the right strategy to success, he can make his family do it as well. This can be done in following few ways:

  • Adopting good habits and setting an example for the kids. Parents must never force kids to learn, good habits should be absorbed by kids themselves.
  • Creating simple routines so that kids get used to the healthy habits and gradually adopt them.
  • Learning should be fun. It is not about reading long lessons on good things rather it should encourage involvement of every member through creative and engaging activities.
  • Members might have to give up certain habits that they enjoyed in order to learn the healthy ones. Therefore, they must be mentally prepared for it.

When members and kids gradually get used to practicing good habits they will feel the change themselves and will move ahead in life with better vision and confidence.

Scott is an expert in SEO training courses. He believes that parenting has an important role as it helps in shaping the future of kids. Every parent must try to inculcate healthy habits in their children so that they become good and successful persons.

Four Tips For Dealing With a Divorce Fairly

Four Tips For Dealing With a Divorce Fairly

Four Tips For Dealing With a Divorce FairlyDivorce can be quite complicated and painful. The proceedings are often fueled by emotion encompassing feelings of hurt, betrayal and anger. Even with all of the psychological implications, it’s imperative that you focus on working toward a divorce settlement that is fair to everyone involved. The decisions at the end of a marriage have effects far beyond what you can imagine. A divorce case lawyer can help you reach an amicable settlement that is in the best interest of everyone involved.

Children are the Top Priority
When it comes to children in a divorce proceeding, they should be the top priority. It is less traumatic for children if they are allowed to live in the same home. Allowing the parent with custody to stay in the family home will help alleviate that stress. The parent moving out should try to find a location nearby to make transportation easier.

Distribute Property Equally
Even though certain assets will be divided based upon the children’s needs, the key to divorcing fairly is to split the property up equitably. Property division should be based upon practicality instead of that of value. If one individual has a long commute to work, it makes sense that they should get the most reliable vehicle.

Preparing Income to Accommodate Financial Needs
Make sure that your ex-spouse and yourself have ample income to sustain the lifestyles for yourself and the children. If you are moving to a small apartment that has lower cost of living expenses while letting the other person retain the house, you could give them alimony to help with the upkeep of the house. Hiring a divorce case lawyer will be able to analyze the situation and make sure all parties receive a fair settlement.

Divide the Debt Responsibilities Fairly
Divide responsibilities for paying the debt fairly between your ex-spouse and you. Countless factors go into play that determine the fairness that need to be considered in this important decision. Determining who is originally responsible for the debt, who is keeping those items that correspond to that debt and the ability of the parties to pay for the debt without bringing upon hardship. If you are planning to keep the car, you should be the one to pay for the car note. If the other party had credit card debt before the marriage that is yet to be paid off, they should be the one responsible for paying it. If paying that debt off would cause a hardship, that should be discussed as well.

The Power of Words: How Your Words Impact Those Around You

the power of words

the power of wordsMany people believe that the things they say do not have an impact on others. That is why they are so loose with their words and criticism. However, it is impossible to comprehend just how negatively a few choice words can be perceived by someone else. That is why it is always a good idea to be caring and considerate both with actions and words, especially towards the people that you care about.

Listen Instead of Constantly Giving Your Opinion

We all enjoy to talk and to have other people listen to us. If you are the type of person that likes to be the center of attention, it is likely that you will spend most of the time being the one who talks. In this case, those close to you will begin to feel as though their opinions do not matter to you. During a debate, discussion, or a general conversation about any topic, it is important to let the other person’s voice be heard. Even if you believe that you have a better understanding of the subject at hand, there is nothing wrong with allowing someone else to feel important.

Do Not Divulge Your Friends’ Secrets

Gossip is something that we are all prone to on occasion. Whether it is about the annoying next-door neighbor, or someone that you used to be friends with, some take pleasure in discussing the misfortunes of others. However, it is NEVER a good idea to gossip about your friends and family. Even if you believe that the topic being discussed is harmless, it is not up to you to speak for another person, especially when they are not there. If they have told you something, it is likely to have been in confidence. What is meaningless to you could bear great importance to another person. Instead of gossiping about others, focus on the good things in your life and look to make strides in both your professional and personal worlds.

Be Kind to Others

There are times when you will meet people who you believe are beneath you. These people may have physical flaws, or they may be struggling in their professional lives. While it is okay to form such opinions in your head, it is not a good idea to express them with words. Do not put down a person, no matter how well you think you know them. Make sure you’re kind to people who may be overweight, or may be struggling with other personal demons.

It is amazing the power words can have both on your brain and on the brain of your friends. Take care to use your words in a good way, so as not to bring down those around you.

Journalist’s Guide to Coping with Traumatic Events

Turning Heads – Utilising Psychology

Covering conflicts can be too traumatic even for the seasoned journalist. What is scary is that many journalists often don’t know or are unaware of the psychological impact of their exposure to traumatic events. Some are unwilling to admit that they are affected by traumatic events that they witnessed in their coverage. The impact can be great on journalists and news crews that are on the forefront. Newsrooms can also take a hit even if they are miles away from the supposed traumatic event. Journalists are people too and the stress of working long hours and exposure to gory events can definitely take its toll. Here are some guides to help journalists cope with trauma in their coverage.

Check the warning signs

If you have been re-experiencing the traumatic events in dreams, flashbacks and unwelcome recall of the event, it is likely that you are affected. Often journalists that are exposed to traumatic events try to suppress their emotions and try to stay away from discussing it. There is even an increased likelihood that the journalist would have increased heart rate, sweating and unexplained worry which are known to be associated with traumatic events. Checking the warning label could be a sign that the journalist may need to seek professional help in order to abate a potential case of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Seek some intervention

Most newsrooms would have a formal kind of debriefing done for their correspondents that have seen gory images while on assignment. This is helpful especially for journalists that have been aloof to consider talking about their experience as a form of protecting their image. Talking to someone can help any person that has been dealing with a traumatic situation and help lift the heavy load on his/her chest. Typically it is best to have an intervention as soon as the journalist is summoned back to the office.

Do some exercises

Exercise can help in lowering down the physical symptoms of anxiety and even to taper the potential of having post-traumatic stress disorder. There is a study that war correspondents have a higher PTSD lifetime rate compared to police officers. The rate is almost similar to soldiers that were involved in actual combat.

Stay away from alcohol

Often journalists that have been exposed to traumatic event seek solace from drinking alcohol or even venturing with substance abuse. For some, they justify the use of substances as an escape from reality and to forget the traumatic images they have seen on the field. This can have dire effects down the line. It is best to monitor the impacted newspersons to keep them away from this disastrous scenario.

The dreams are temporary

It is important that journalists affected learn that the dreams and flashbacks will vanish over time. If not, then it is time to seek medical advice for it. It is no longer healthy if the mind overpowers the will.

Journalists are never warned about the hazards of their jobs. It is important that journalists covering conflict areas know the value of keeping their heads clear. Stress is a normal part of the job and getting professional help should not be construed to be on their way to the loony bin.

If you are one of those many journalists who are having a hard time coping with anxiety or depression, visit Calm ClinicYoutube for more helpful tips.

Five Tips for Going Through a Divorce With Kids

Five Tips For Going Through a Divorce With Kids

Five Tips For Going Through a Divorce With KidsWhen parents divorce, it is a traumatic, life-changing event for all concerned. But there are things parents can do to ameliorate the potential damage to their children’s lives.

During and after a divorce, parents often are experiencing many of the same emotions as their children — anger, grief, sadness, guilt and anxiety. It’s important that parents protect their children as much as possible from the fallout. Here are some ways to protect the most vulnerable family members.

Don’t Speak Ill of the Other Parent

This is important even when one parent clearly bears the greater burden for the divorce, as in cases of adultery or abuse. It’s harmful to hear negative comments made about the other parent because the child likely still loves them very much. She may start feeling bad about herself for sharing traits and characteristics that are a natural part of her genetic make-up.

Make Co-Parenting a Goal

Out of necessity, one parent is usually named the domiciliary parent. Successful co-parenting involves communication between the parents about issues involving the children — school programs and problems, social agendas, behavioral and health issues, etc. If the parents aren’t yet at a point where they can speak civilly, e-mail is a wonderful way to convey information.

Keep Continuity Going

Acknowledge there will be unavoidable changes. But keep their routines as much the same as possible. If your child typically attends certain events like a ballgame with one parent, allow this to continue even if it means making slight adjustments in visitation schedules. Make sure a child embarking on overnight visitation has all the special “loveys” or security blankets they take to bed to help them feel secure.

Present a United Front on Rules & Discipline

Kids learn fast how to pit Mom against Dad when it comes to divorce. Rules in both home should be roughly the same. Ten-year-olds should not be able to view R-rated movies at Dad’s and 15-year-olds should not be without curfews at Mom’s house. Without cohesive rules in both homes, chaos results.

Make Counseling Available

Despite parents’ best efforts; children may experience some emotional and psychological issues resulting from the divorce that require professional intervention. Don’t hesitate to arrange counseling for them. Reputable attorneys in family law may be able to recommend a qualified children’s counselor who can get them quickly back on track.

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